Monday, July 2, 2007

Tee Tee Time

Em has done great with her potty-training. She's been potty-trained without pull-ups (except for night) since early February. The past month, we've been putting her to sleep without pull-ups, and she wakes up dry 80% of the time. I can handle that. But she has tee-teed in her (expensive Britax) car seat 3 times in the last 48 hours. I can't handle that!

It all started yesterday when we took a trip to Austin to get membranes for my breast pump. You can't find membranes here, so we either order online or go to Babies R Us in Austin, and I couldn't wait for delivery--I needed them asap. Anyway, when we were on the road, Emily kept saying she needed to go potty, and we would take her, and she wouldn't go. She thinks it's fun to go potty, especially with all of the "magic" hands-free features in many of the restrooms. On the way home, when we were 5 minutes from our exit, she said she needs to go potty, and we assumed she was faking us out again. We told her just wait until we get to Luby's. Bad call, Mommy and Daddy...because I hear her say "I feel my accident," and sure enough, I see the wet spot on the car seat.

Luckily, we had bought her a new outfit while we were out, and I had a spare pair of Tinkerbell panties in my bag (my mom made fun of me for this a few weeks ago), so we changed her, went to eat, and everything was fine. We were too tired when we got home to wash the car seat cover, so we decided we'd just use the other (expensive Britax) car seat in Dee's truck if we needed to go somewhere.

Flash forward to today--When Emily was taking her nap today, she fell off of her bed, so I used the opportunity to try to get her to go potty, and she didn't go. So when I hear her 10 minutes later saying she needs to potty, I assumed she was trying nap-delaying tactics. Well, I assumed wrong! You can hardly blame her for not asking to go potty when we were driving to the furniture store later this afternoon. That's right, she peed in the other (expensive Britax) car seat on the way to the furniture store which is 10 minutes from our house. Oh, it gets better...

Dee went to a nearby store and bought what he thought was a dress but was actually pajamas and some Elmo panties (since the day before, she has used my emergency clothing stash). And we went furniture shopping. And she wouldn't pee in the furniture store restroom. But on the way to the next furniture store, she would pee in her car seat again. And if that's not enough, when we got to El Chico's, I tried to make her tee-tee in the potty, but she didn't need to (after all, she had already done it once in her bed and twice in her car seat). However, her dress/pajamas did manage to get dragged into the toilet when she was sitting on it. By the time the evening was over, it was raining, and I was crying in the truck. My sweet but tricky husband stopped at Walgreens because he said he needed something for a science experiment for summer school, but he came out with some relaxing bath foam stuff instead.

So that is why I am now going to take a long, hot bath. And we are presently washing both car seat covers. I hope I didn't scare anyone from potty training their kid or from having them in the first place. Some days are just like this...but then (after your relaxing bath) you just have to remember how sweet they can be. See?

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Marie said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Glad to see things are interesting for you! I am in the midst of potty training my second child. The first seemed easy for me, but our middle is right down the middle. Most times he actually pottys in the correct place, but we are still working on #2. Hopefully by the time I go back to work I will have him doing better. Gotta love those days that run crazy- makes any other day seem great! :)