Saturday, August 25, 2007

Maternity Leave is Officially Over :-(

I have been back at work this week for inservice. Monday is the first day of classes, and I'm ready as far as that goes, but I'm not ready to leave my kiddos. It's always extra hard since we're in football season, so I will be doing evenings at home all by myself. This week, Grammy (my mom) came down from New Mexico to watch the kids. Everyone (except me) had a blast. But it made life so much easier since we didn't have to get kids ready in the morning along with ourselves. Here are some pictures taken today.

This is the first picture of me where I can actually tell I've lost weight. I am -13 lbs as of Thursday. I am 4 lbs away from my first goal of losing 10% of my weight. I highly highly highly recommend Weight Watchers especially if you are nursing because I have so many points that I find it hard in my busy day to eat all of the food I am supposed to eat. It's nice to lose weight and not feel hungry or deprived.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Toddler Talk + More WW Success

Two funny things Emily did today...
While I was nursing Ty this morning, Emily was keeping herself entertained by "playing" Cinderella. She carried a shoe on a pillow and wanted to see if it would fit me. She tried to beat it onto my foot just like the movie. Where does she come up with this stuff?

Later, about an hour after I put her down for a nap, I hear "I need to go POTTY!!!" coming from her room. Hallelujah! Even though she's been pt for a while, I've been working with her all summer on telling me she needs to go once she's gone to bed. Anyway, after a "strenuous" few minutes on the toilet, she informed me "Mommy, it's time for my bowel movement to go home now." Then she stood up and flushed and said "bye-bye." How smart is that girl!

Last but definitely not least, I lost almost 2 lbs last week, so my total weight loss is 11.4 lbs. WOO-HOO!!! I am going to have to work really hard next week with teacher inservice week with all of the potlucks and snacks that will be provided. I told Dee I was going to bring healthy snacks and food to the potlucks, and when I want one of the unhealthy snacks, I am going to look at the people in line for food and tell myself I don't want to look like them; I want to be thin. I hope that doesn't sound mean because it's not like I'm perfect. I am just trying to give myself a little extra motivation!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

4 Months Old + New Talents + Silly Big Sister

Look what I can do...I can pick up Mr. Turtle and put him in my mouth!

I can also hold a baseball. Daddy is so proud!

Cute 4 Month Old Shots

My other talent is drool and lots of it!

And Miss Emily couldn't be left out either.

I walked in the living room the other day, and there she was wearing TY'S bathing suit and hat. She is so silly! She was ready to go! I think the feather duster makes a nice accessory, don't you?

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I am dreading Monday; I go back to work. Dee started football this week, so our life is getting crazy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Family Visit

If you don't want to see a lot of pictures, then don't read this blog! These are from 2 weeks ago when my siblings all came to crash at my house. We had a wedding to attend in Austin, and since we're so close, Hotel Trcka was open for business. We had a great time. I got to see Carter for the 2nd time, and Ty got to meet his Aunt Wedgey & Uncle Collin and Uncle Brandon & Aunt Joy. My mom's birthday also occured during this weekend. Her birthday present was having all 4 kids and 3 grandkids together. We did buy her actual presents, but I think her favorite part was being with everyone. Unfortunately, my dad couldn't make it because he had to preach on Sunday morning.
And for those of you who ask, I weighed in at Weight Watchers last night, and I lost another 3 lbs. I am up to 9.8 lbs in my first month--I was .2 lbs away from getting another star, but that's okay--I should get one next week.

Ben and Carter catching some zzzzs.

This is Aunt Wedgey meeting Ty for the first time.

Uncle Brandon and Aunt Joy met Ty for the first time at the wedding.

Since Emily didn't catch the bouquet, the bride's mom gave Emily a single rose to carry around the reception. This was Emily's first wedding since she was 3 months old, and she was well-behaved. She loved seeing "Princess" Amanda get married.

My mom wanted a shot of each family. You can see our family photo in my last blog and the entire bunch as well.

Amy was the matron of honor--isn't she lovely? I can't imagine having to be in a wedding 2 months after having a baby, but she looked beautiful.

The story here is that Emily decided to take Carter's pacifier and give it to Ty. Carter did not appreciate this at all!

Grammy with all of her babies.

Don't Christy and Collin look cute with the babies? This was before church on Sunday.

And Brandon and Joy getting a little practice in the baby holding department as well.
Since our subdivision has a pool, we got to go for a quick swim before it started lightning.

Carter's first time in the pool--he only put his feet in because he wasn't a big fan of the water.

Happy Birthday Grammy!

Emily enjoyed eating the icing off of the ice cream cake while Uncle Brandon was trying to cut through the frozen layers.

Isn't my nephew cute?

These 2 babies were supposed to be born 1 week apart, but they are actually 5-6 weeks apart. That's okay--they will still be buddies.

I wonder what secret Ty is telling Carter.

A lot of people think Ty and Brandon look alike. I can definitely see the resemblence, but to me, Ty looks like his Daddy.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Next time, I need to post our pictures from New Mexico. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's Been a Crazy Couple of Weeks

I now know what it's like to be home alone for 6 days with 2 kids...HARD! On top of that, at the end of those 6 days, all 3 of my siblings and their spouses and my new nephew Carter along with my mom were coming to visit. So I had to keep the house clean too! Let me just say last week wore me out like I've never been worn out before. Then 2 days after getting back home, Dee left again. This time, I wasn't going to do it alone--I went to New Mexico to spend the week with my mom. That's where I am now. I just wanted to post a few pictures from the family, and I'll update this blog again after I get home.

Here's our little family at the wedding we attended.

And here is the entire Tittle kid bunch at the wedding. It was not easy getting Emily to stand still and both babies to stop crying for this picture.

This is Ty and me at the park where my mom, dad, and I took the kids for a picnic Tuesday.