Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Funny Emily Follow-Up

We were on our way to dance, and I told Emily that we will go Easter dress shopping again after her class. She said, "We might not find a dress. So before you freak out, make sure you look at Target first."

If you don't get it, read yesterday's post. I love that girl!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny Emily

Just in case you were wondering, Emily doesn't miss a beat. I took the kids shopping tonight to try to find Easter clothes. Yes, I know I'm pushing it, but we've been so busy, and I haven't loved anything I've seen online. So we were heading into the K-Town mall to go to Gap Kids/Baby Gap. Emily asked if we were going to eat at the mall, and I said it depends on whether or not we find Easter clothes at Gap.

Here's the rest of our conversation:

E: Why, mommy?

M: Because if we don't find anything here, we're going to go to Temple and look at Marshall's.

E: But what if we don't find anything there?

M: Then, we will go to Macy's. And if we don't find anything there...(I paused because I was trying to figure out what I would do in this scenario)

E: (filling in while I paused): You'll freak out!

Silly, silly girl. We struck out tonight, but tomorrow after dance class, we will try a few other stores, and hopefully, I won't be freaking out by then!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dee is in the Paper--The Sequel

Remember this article about Dee Trcka, the winning charm for the basketball team? We woke up this morning to find that he was written up in the paper again. This time, it brought tears to my eyes (it's okay--you can laugh at me). This Letter to the Editor was in the Killeen Daily Herald today. It is regarding Dee's freshman/JV White baseball team. He was in Lampasas at a tournament for the past 2 days.

The letter is about their exceptional behavior while eating pizza on Thursday. I have to be honest, his team doesn't win a lot of games due to lack of experience playing as children. But this is an important reminder (even to a super-competitive person like me) that participating in sports is about learning more than the fundamentals of a game.

Here is the text because I don't know how long KDH leaves these articles up, and I want to remember this.

Letters to the Editor
KHS baseball team had good manners
To the Editor:

My wife and I just finished lunch at Mr. Gatti’s in Lampasas.

While there, we were sharing the buffet line with the Killeen High baseball team (may have been freshman team).

Generally, being seated between a group of students and food can sometimes prove hazardous.

This was far from the case. We were met with excuse me, pardon me, yes ma’am, yes sir, and the all important words “Please and Thank you.”

After commenting to the coach about the team’s manners and returning to my table, my wife asked if I had also noticed that every member had their baseball caps off while inside eating.

We all know a coach has a lot of influence on their players, but I believe that this is a little deeper. The manners and politeness these young men displayed had to also come from caring teachers and parents.

We believe that when you see someone doing something right, you give credit for it.

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Sorry to embarrass you, babe. I love you!