Saturday, July 18, 2009

A "Cold" Day In July

What a fun time I had Friday evening! Thankfully, it was only 99 degrees when we arrived. I was so looking forward to this shoot because there's just something about a one year old boy with big brown eyes!

See, I told ya those eyes are big and brown! How can you resist?!?!?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Funny

The first time this happened, Dee got mad at me for taking pictures and made me promise not to post them. happened again, and I made no such promise!

Since I don't think that Ty can zip the back of this by himself, I think we all know what happened here. It's the classic story of big sister having some fun with little brother.

I love that he was carrying his "As-To" bobblehead around. Earlier, he was marching around carrying some tools that Dee left out. Now, I am going to go change his clothes. I don't think we can wear this to Dallas this afternoon!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun for the 4th

Since I wasn't on the ball enough this year to find 4th of July coordinating clothes for my kids, I decided to see if I could make something for Emily. I do not sew, but I am trying to learn, so I found some bandanas in the dollar spot at Target and use them to make the stars to embellish a white tank (which was only $2 at Target). I used that iron-on stuff (you like my technical terminology, right?) to iron on the stars, and we zig-zag stitched around them.

MIL had some leftover ribbon and rick-rack from another project, so she helped me cut off a too-short pair of jeans and embellish them. Dee's mom helped me with all of the sewing, but I think I am going to try something all by myself today while it's fresh on my mind.

My mom made tutus for Emily and my niece Claira, so she told me how she did it, and I made this tutu for Emily. I could have made it longer, but I knew it would be hot on Saturday, so I just wanted to give her something light and fun.

It was a no-sew project except making the waistband. And since the 6'' rolls of tulle were on sale for 1.99 at Hobby Lobby, it was very inexpensive. I got 3 - 25 yd rolls, one red, one white, one blue.

Here's what I did. I should have taken pics of each step, but I wasn't feeling THAT productive.

Cut elastic to fit around E's waist and sewed it together. I sewed this part without any help from MIL ;-)
Cut 27 - 20'' strips from each color of tulle. I cut them 20'' since I wanted the tutu about 10'' long. You would need more strips for a bigger waist and fewer strips for a smaller waist.
Took 3 strips of same color tulle, folded in half over the waistband, and tied in a knot....repeat x 26 going in the desired pattern. I tried to make my pattern like an American flag.
Weave a piece of ribbon through the waist, tie a bow, and burned the ends of the ribbon w/ a lighter.

Done! Cute, easy, and cheap--my kind of project!