Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Funny

The first time this happened, Dee got mad at me for taking pictures and made me promise not to post them. happened again, and I made no such promise!

Since I don't think that Ty can zip the back of this by himself, I think we all know what happened here. It's the classic story of big sister having some fun with little brother.

I love that he was carrying his "As-To" bobblehead around. Earlier, he was marching around carrying some tools that Dee left out. Now, I am going to go change his clothes. I don't think we can wear this to Dallas this afternoon!


Aleta said...

He had to do something to establish his boyhood! I've got a picture of Uncle Mark like this, blue dress -- but I had also put a hat on him and a purse. I'll have to make sure he sees your blog! Now you need to add the picture of Ty in the tutu!

Kristi said...

Love that Ty! Too cute.

Angela said...

Too cute! Gotta love it! You can bring this pics out later when he is older ;p