Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Movie Time!!!

Well, I have been wanting to post video of the kids and their silly antics. But anytime I turn the video camera on, they stop what they are doing. So I tried a new tactic. I used the web cam on my iMac, so they could watch themselves as the video was recording. They both really enjoyed hamming it up, and it was actually much simpler for me since I didn't have to import from the camera to the computer.

First, let's begin with Em singing her trademark song...while chewing smacking gum. And if you watch to the end, she randomly asks to see what the dentist put on my teeth. And the answer to that is a temporary crown.

Here is another fave. It's called Mr. Golden Sun, and her teacher sings it with her class at school. And I made her take out the gum for this one.

Last but not least, this is Ty Man dancing. He loooooooves to boogie, that kid.

I hope you enjoyed/got a good laugh!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wonderful News!!!

If I have any readers left, you will be wondering what's gotten into Melissa. 2 posts in less than 24 hours, and it's finals week on top of it. This is not because of your prodding on FB, Angela :-) This is because we received wonderful news from the doctor today. And it has to do with Dee, so you can stop thinking that baby #3 is on the way.

Praise God--Dee is TOTALLY SARCOIDOSIS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! He had a CT scan last week and a breathing test today. Then, he met with this pulmonologist. Dr. D was excited to report that Dee's lungs look totally normal. Dee has been off of steroids for a few months now, and we were just praying that he would make progress and not have to get back on them. But God is good--not only does he not have to get back on steroids, he can get off of his other meds as well!

Dr. D said that he wishes all of his patients could heal with only 13 months of steroids. Dee goes back in one year to make sure that nasty stuff is gone for good.

I have been itching to post all day, but blogger wouldn't let me sign on at work for some reason. So let's scream together--YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I know it's late, but at least I'm saying it. I had wanted to end the year with a post of my favorite photos that did not make it to the blog during 2008. Well, 12 days into 2009, I am finally ready ;-) You will see that many of these are from football season. I wonder why I never posted them...

Ty's one year old baseball glove shot on the KHS baseball field

Ty-Man and his cute baby belly playing blocks last May

Emily cruisin' on the "big boat" wearing the dress/jewelry she got in Mexico

Some pics from a late summer zoo trip

Emily and her Daddy before a football game. Emily had just performed the pre-game show with all of the little girls who attended Kangarette camp.

This is Ty's favorite thing to do after the game; he loves to move the yellow things (sorry, I don't know what they're called)!

These were taken at the Homecoming game. The kids had gotten restless, so we let them go play in the long jump pit during the 4th quarter.

Ty's pants are literally sand-blasted!

When the game was finally over, he had a blast running around on the field.

One chilly afternoon in the back yard, Em actually asked to have her pictures made!

This one cracks me up...Emily and Ty always fight over the lone pom-pom at our house. Recently, however, Ty has decided that a feather duster will work just as well!

I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. Here's to many more memorable moments in 2009!