Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Movie Time!!!

Well, I have been wanting to post video of the kids and their silly antics. But anytime I turn the video camera on, they stop what they are doing. So I tried a new tactic. I used the web cam on my iMac, so they could watch themselves as the video was recording. They both really enjoyed hamming it up, and it was actually much simpler for me since I didn't have to import from the camera to the computer.

First, let's begin with Em singing her trademark song...while chewing smacking gum. And if you watch to the end, she randomly asks to see what the dentist put on my teeth. And the answer to that is a temporary crown.

Here is another fave. It's called Mr. Golden Sun, and her teacher sings it with her class at school. And I made her take out the gum for this one.

Last but not least, this is Ty Man dancing. He loooooooves to boogie, that kid.

I hope you enjoyed/got a good laugh!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

So cute! I know what you mean about them not performing for the camera. These captured them well.

Bethany was watching with me and she said, "Hey!!! That's just like the Sleeping Beauty Song!"