Friday, January 29, 2010

Two of a Kind

There is a little girl at church, and she is the female version of Ty, only she's almost a year younger. Like Ty, she is one of those kids that can't help but make you laugh! Her mom can basically get a preview of what her daughter will be doing one year from now by watching Ty now. So this morning, Amanda posted some very cute pictures of her girls in princess dresses. As soon as I saw the first picture, y'all, I remembered something very similar from last summer. What do you think about the resemblance?

I just took a screenshot to snag both pictures from our blogs since I don't have the full-size files with me at work this morning, but click the links above to see bigger images.

Okay, I need to quit playing on the computer and get to work! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Star Student Day 3 (just in time)

I have been feeling yucky all day today, and I have had nothing to eat other than bread and crackers. But I am determined to get this post done!

Today, Emily had to select a book to share with her class. Last night, we chose her book, and she surprised me by not choosing Sleeping Beauty. She actually wanted to bring If You Take a Mouse to School, and she wanted to bring along her little mouse stuffed toy to go along with it. That was actually a gift from my Aunt Terri to Ty, but I let Emily "borrow" it!

The funny thing was when she woke up, she snuck 2 more books in the bag; my little bookworm couldn't choose just one! I discovered 2 American Girl books in her bag when I picked her up.

Enjoy some more photos of my little book-loving girl!

I took this picture of Emily in her Cinderella dress the first day I got my 85 mm f/1.8 lens. And this was when I was just learning about Photoshop, so I was using this image to try some new "tricks." Why don't I have this printed yet? I love it!

Emily and Ty Thanksgiving 2008 after our cousin PJ photoshoot.

*2009 Halloween, Little Einsteins June and Leo

Easter 2009 (Ty's 2nd Birthday)

Emily's 4th Birthday 2009

This picture was taken when I was trying to get some images to make her party invitations. I think I'll always remember that her 4th Birthday theme was My Little Ponies thanks to this pic!

Spring 2009 riding a pony at Life Group. What a big girl!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Star Student Day 2

So today, Emily had to choose 4 items from home to take to class. I let her choose by herself except for one time when she asked, "Sooooo, what do you think, Mom?"

She chose:

Ballet Slippers

Apron (made by her Grammy)

TuTu (made by her Aunt Tara)

Bitty Baby

Here are some more Emily pictures. Remember, I put a * by the ones that she took to school for her display.

*This is Emily with her dance teacher Miss Callie (April 2008).

What a fun memory for our kids--we got to play on UT's football field in the 2008 playoffs, and our kids got to go on the field after the game. Interestingly, the quarterback that led Lake Travis to a 71-6 victory over us in the Regional Quarterfinals is the same guy (Garrett Gilbert) who had the unexpected duty of filling in for Colt McCoy a couple of weeks ago.

Here is Emily enjoying our cruise (summer 2008), and she is wearing the pink dress she selected in Cozumel.

*At a friend's party about a year ago, Emily rode a horse for the first time!

Did I tell you these pictures are not in any specific order? Here's another cruise picture. This was taken on the pirate dress-up day that was held in the kid's camp.

Last summer, we spent a few days at Great Wolf Lodge, and we can't wait to go again!

*Grammy, Aunt Amy, Aunt Joy, and Aunt Wedgey (my little sis aka Christy) accompanied us to the American Girl Boutique and Bistro the week of Thanksgiving 2008. Emily, Bitty Baby, and I posed outside before entering the store. I highly recommend this experience (get reservations at the Bistro) for anyone who wants their little girls to enjoy being little girls!!!

I'm proud of myself! I have actually posted 2 days about this. Wednesday will be an easy post; she just has to select a book to share with the class. So if I don't do pictures, it will take me about 5 seconds to post. But I'll try to do pictures!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emily "Star Student"

On Friday, I picked Emily up from school, and she was beyond excited. I was told that she was going to be this week's Star Student. Basically, that means that each day this week, they will do something special that will help the class get to know all about Emily. For today, I had to fill out some strips of paper about her, and I also had to ask her questions for "All About Me." Then, I had to select some photos of Emily to be displayed at school for the week.

Since I had to sit down and do the work, I figured I may as well blog about it to to help me remember what she said! Emily's answers are in quotes.

My favorite color is "pink."

My favorite book is "Sleeping Beauty."

My favorite movie is "Sleeping Beauty."

My favorite sport is "soccer."

When I grow up, I want to be a "princess."

I'm special because "my mommy misses me, and I love her."

I was born in the state of "Texas."

My favorite food is "macaroni and cheese."

I have a pet "used to be 2 doggies."

The person I admire is "Kylie" (her 6 y/o cousin).

My favorite school subject is "cooking."

My favorite place to eat is "Chick-fil-a and McDonald's."

My favorite animal is a "kitty."

And here are some pictures that I found while looking for some to send to school. I narrowed the field down to, oh, 50 or so, and then I let Emily choose 15 to bring to school. I think that it's interesting to see the ones she chose, so if I put a * by my description, it went to school. Some of them are repeats, and others are pictures that I have not gotten around to posting. And they are in no particular order!

*This was Spring 2009 in the Bluebonnets. She also chose a picture of herself at age 1 in the Bluebonnets, but I don't have that file on this computer.

And here we are at the dreadful W New Orleans Hotel before our family cruise July 2008.

This was taken while waiting in line to ride the Dragon Paddle Boats in Baltimore July 2009 when we visited my dear friend Angela (who actually lives in Virginia). She is eating the lollipop that she got at the aquarium.

Recently, we were in Houston for the big Trcka family Christmas (200+ people). Emily and her cousin Macey posed as we were getting ready to leave.

This is Emily this past Christmas morning; Santa brought her the American Girl Bitty Twins and a stroller!

Another picture from our fun day trip to Baltimore!

*The Terrifying Trio--Emily, Macey, and Kylie are pictured here with Papa (Dee's dad) July 2008.

My intent is to post every day this week with her daily activity and more pictures. We'll see if that happens or not :-)