Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emily "Star Student"

On Friday, I picked Emily up from school, and she was beyond excited. I was told that she was going to be this week's Star Student. Basically, that means that each day this week, they will do something special that will help the class get to know all about Emily. For today, I had to fill out some strips of paper about her, and I also had to ask her questions for "All About Me." Then, I had to select some photos of Emily to be displayed at school for the week.

Since I had to sit down and do the work, I figured I may as well blog about it to to help me remember what she said! Emily's answers are in quotes.

My favorite color is "pink."

My favorite book is "Sleeping Beauty."

My favorite movie is "Sleeping Beauty."

My favorite sport is "soccer."

When I grow up, I want to be a "princess."

I'm special because "my mommy misses me, and I love her."

I was born in the state of "Texas."

My favorite food is "macaroni and cheese."

I have a pet "used to be 2 doggies."

The person I admire is "Kylie" (her 6 y/o cousin).

My favorite school subject is "cooking."

My favorite place to eat is "Chick-fil-a and McDonald's."

My favorite animal is a "kitty."

And here are some pictures that I found while looking for some to send to school. I narrowed the field down to, oh, 50 or so, and then I let Emily choose 15 to bring to school. I think that it's interesting to see the ones she chose, so if I put a * by my description, it went to school. Some of them are repeats, and others are pictures that I have not gotten around to posting. And they are in no particular order!

*This was Spring 2009 in the Bluebonnets. She also chose a picture of herself at age 1 in the Bluebonnets, but I don't have that file on this computer.

And here we are at the dreadful W New Orleans Hotel before our family cruise July 2008.

This was taken while waiting in line to ride the Dragon Paddle Boats in Baltimore July 2009 when we visited my dear friend Angela (who actually lives in Virginia). She is eating the lollipop that she got at the aquarium.

Recently, we were in Houston for the big Trcka family Christmas (200+ people). Emily and her cousin Macey posed as we were getting ready to leave.

This is Emily this past Christmas morning; Santa brought her the American Girl Bitty Twins and a stroller!

Another picture from our fun day trip to Baltimore!

*The Terrifying Trio--Emily, Macey, and Kylie are pictured here with Papa (Dee's dad) July 2008.

My intent is to post every day this week with her daily activity and more pictures. We'll see if that happens or not :-)

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Angela said...

awwww...what a sweet idea! love reading about her and seeing the pics! thanks for posting the pics from the trip to baltimore :) fun times!