Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Star Student Day 3 (just in time)

I have been feeling yucky all day today, and I have had nothing to eat other than bread and crackers. But I am determined to get this post done!

Today, Emily had to select a book to share with her class. Last night, we chose her book, and she surprised me by not choosing Sleeping Beauty. She actually wanted to bring If You Take a Mouse to School, and she wanted to bring along her little mouse stuffed toy to go along with it. That was actually a gift from my Aunt Terri to Ty, but I let Emily "borrow" it!

The funny thing was when she woke up, she snuck 2 more books in the bag; my little bookworm couldn't choose just one! I discovered 2 American Girl books in her bag when I picked her up.

Enjoy some more photos of my little book-loving girl!

I took this picture of Emily in her Cinderella dress the first day I got my 85 mm f/1.8 lens. And this was when I was just learning about Photoshop, so I was using this image to try some new "tricks." Why don't I have this printed yet? I love it!

Emily and Ty Thanksgiving 2008 after our cousin PJ photoshoot.

*2009 Halloween, Little Einsteins June and Leo

Easter 2009 (Ty's 2nd Birthday)

Emily's 4th Birthday 2009

This picture was taken when I was trying to get some images to make her party invitations. I think I'll always remember that her 4th Birthday theme was My Little Ponies thanks to this pic!

Spring 2009 riding a pony at Life Group. What a big girl!

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Becky said...

I don't think we've set a minimum age for joining our little book club have we? Sign that girl UP!!!

Em's ready to go...I really love reading your Star Student posts :)
I think Emily shines EVERYDAY.