Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Wrap-Up

So I know I haven't been the best blogger in 2010. But since I spent all evening re-organizing my picture files, I decided to do a quick look over our family's memories from the past year! First, I will warn you that there are over 20 pictures in this post. And second, there are more of Emily than anyone else, but this is because she had a lot of big things happen this year (and I didn't even include her dance recital or soccer season)!

We started with a milestone--Emily lost her first tooth. She pulled it by herself when she was at daycare!

A few weeks later, we celebrated her 5th birthday with a Candyland party!

We were excited with the beginning of spring and planting our garden...this is the kids "helping" Dee. Notice they aren't even in the garden ;-)

And our family's first trip to The Happiest Place on Earth:

A successful Easter egg hunt with the cousins in Allen.

Ty turned 3, and we celebrated with a Peter Pan party!

It was time for Kindergarten Roundup, and someone was sure excited...

This was a big year for Miss Emily; here she is at her Pre-K Graduation.

As soon as school got out, Dee and I headed to Fredericksburg to celebrate 7 years of marriage.

We took a trip to see our Arkansas family, and we had fun with some Silly String...

and some poppers!

Emily broke the thumb-sucking habit, so we all went to Chuck E Cheese.

At church, we prayed over our "babies" the Sunday before their first day of kindergarten.

And here is my big to school! I guess I had a big milestone this day as well since I started teaching at a new school (middle school--eek)!

And with the start of school is the start of football; we got to meet our friends/rivals on the field after the Roo victory!

Did I mention the Roos (4A) were victorious over all of the other 3 KISD high schools (all 5A)?

Another year of Kangarette kids camp!

Aunt Amy, Carter, and baby Jackson came to visit. We were excited about watching the Longhorns play (they won this day); little did we know what the season had in store for UT fans...

Halloween with Woody and Jesse!

We kept the costumes around until Thanksgiving, so we could unite the entire Toy Story gang :-)

Speaking of Thanksgiving, Grammy and Pa rented a home on Lake Palestine where we all gathered for several days. This was definitely a highlight of our year.

I took lovely Christmas card pictures for my clients, but I had the worst time trying to get my own 2 to cooperate!

I got a new hair color (I know this is kind of a silly thing to remember, but there needed to be another picture of me in this post)!

We visited Santa at the mall, and no one cried...

We spent Christmas at home this year :-)

All in all, we were very blessed in 2010.

Happy New Year to our friends and family! Maybe 2011 will bring more blogging, and maybe I will find a way to be in more pictures...maybe but probably not ;-)