Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Little Ponies and My Big Horses

Hello, trckatalk, how I've missed you! It's been such a crazy few weeks. And by crazy, I mean calm and organized. But in order for me to stay organized, I have been going nonstop, without any time for fun stuff like blogging.

This is what I have been up to:
Running--I have slowly built up my running distance from 60 seconds to 20 minutes.
Dieting--I tried doing the "eat healthy and exercise" thing all January and lost a whopping 2 lbs. I bit the bullet and started WW again and lost 4 lbs in one week. So WW it is!
Cooking--I have been cooking nightly and not going out to eat (except Valentine's Day, of course).
Lesson Planning--I have the rest of my school year planned and copies made for my Calculus and PreCalculus classes. Algebra is not done yet.
Grading--I have graded everything that has been assigned and turned in.
Organizing--I have cleaned out my kids closets, toys, and my closet.

Because of the previously-mentioned items, this is what I have not been up to:
Painting my toenails
Browsing FB
Reading my photography books
Listing the above-mentioned cleaned out items on craigslist
Buying Emily birthday presents
Cleaning out my car
Watching 18 saved shows on my DVR (and that's just in my den, not the DVR in our bedroom)

This post should probably be 2-3 separate posts, but if I try to do that, I will NEVER get this post done. So here's the next topic: "The Cute Thing Emily Said Today."

E: Mommy, is it dark because Mr. Sun went to sleep?

Me: Yes, that's right.

E: The sun went to sleep, and the moon woke up.

Me: Yes, that's right.

E: Sometimes, I see the moon when Mr. Sun is still awake.

Me: Me, too.

E: I think when that happens, the moon is helping Mr. Sun put his pajamas on and brush his teeth.

Me: Yes, I think you're right.

I just love that girl!

Speaking of that funny little girl, here's my next topic. I took her for a little "Get a Picture for your BDay Invitation" photo shoot. We took her My Little Ponies to a local park, and I wanted to capture some pictures of her playing with them. These are some that I liked but didn't use on the invite.

I love how the pony's party hat is flying away in this one.

How many ponies can you hold at once?

The next day, she attended a birthday party which was horse-themed including horse rides in the back yard. This is her first time on a horse, and she loved it. She was not afraid at all! I was super-proud of her. And please notice the tutu and bare feet. Typical Emily.

I was not able to zoom out because I was using a prime lens, so there was no room for the horse's head in the frame. Note to self--get a wide fisheye lens the next time Emily rides horses. I wish!

And a little b&w for that old-timey feel.

I actually got to ride (by myself, without a grown-up leading the horse). The grown-ups didn't have to stay in the back yard. I looked like a total dork riding a horse around a subdivision, but it was fun. I loved hearing the clip-clop on the street!

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Amanda said...

Well, no WONDER you don't have time for crafting! Gracious girl - you've been doing a lot of stuff. And all of it more important than crafting! Love the Mr. Sun story. She's too funny!

Angela said...

Yay, I've missed you...sounds like you have been doing some good things!! Glad things are going smoothly the last couple weeks. Love the "bday invite" photo shoot pics!!! Those are fabulous!! So, when can we see each other????

Becky said...

Welcome back Melissa! Your loyal readers are still here...

I think that that's what makes us great "nesters" is that we put our families first! And if that means we need to be away from blogging for awhile so be it!

I am happy though that you've been able to get so much accomplished on the home front and school front! It will make the rest of the school year fly by hopefully :)
Emily looks so thrilled riding atop that pony! Sweet smiles


Collin and Christy said...

glad to hear from you! Take a few seconds today to look at my blog please! :)

Aleta said...

I love the pony and horse pics! I can't wait for her My Little Pony birthday. There is no denying that her imagination comes from her mother!

Kristi said...

WOW-- I am just worn out reading that list! Way to go!!

The pics of Emily are beautiful-- you are so incredibly talented!

I keep meaning to tell you...Benjamin wanted to pray for Emily the other night and he also wanted to pray for her "Little Einstein Purse with June on it"! I had totally forgotten about that purse.

See you Saturday!!