Thursday, August 16, 2007

4 Months Old + New Talents + Silly Big Sister

Look what I can do...I can pick up Mr. Turtle and put him in my mouth!

I can also hold a baseball. Daddy is so proud!

Cute 4 Month Old Shots

My other talent is drool and lots of it!

And Miss Emily couldn't be left out either.

I walked in the living room the other day, and there she was wearing TY'S bathing suit and hat. She is so silly! She was ready to go! I think the feather duster makes a nice accessory, don't you?

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I am dreading Monday; I go back to work. Dee started football this week, so our life is getting crazy.

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Dawn said...

I was wondering how you're getting about leaving Ty. You haven't mentioned it so I was wondering if you are just super stressed, and ignoring the thought of it, or if you're better w/your second one.