Friday, July 6, 2007

Super Mom

Guess what I did today--I took our dogs to the vet. I know what you're thinking--Melissa, that's not really a big deal. But take a minute to think about it. I was by myself because Dee leaves for summer school @ 6:30 a.m. And I managed to get 2 dachshunds, a baby, and a toddler out of the house, in the car, driven to the vet, out of the car, and into the vet's office to drop Toby and Tina off for spaying/neutering. I ROCK!!!

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Dawn said...

Yes, you do rock! Picking them up is even more fun! I was in the mustang, without a dog carrier (well unless you count Bree), and left the older kids in the car while I went to retrieve the very hyped up, spastic, "let me out of this crazy kennel" dog that was barely held together with stitches.

I was so scared we would end up tearing her stitches by the time she got home. She was NOT groggy as you would think, but very very excited to see us. Bree had a towel and did her best to keep her in the floor of the mustang (front seat). I had to put her in the kennel when we got home, just to keep her still.

You are brave to have 2 dogs done at once. I take mine to the groomer tomorrow, and it's always fun trying to keep her still, and hold Braden at the same time. The stroller doesn't work because I can't get it out of the car, without Belle hopping out while I'm trying to get everyone out and situated. So I just put Braden on my hip, yell at my puppy to be still, tell the other children to hold on to my shirt as we cross the parking lot, and struggle with Braden as all 32 lbs of him tries to get DOWN on the floor with all of the "doggies".

I feel ya' sister. Kids have such a way of making ordinarily simple tasks that you used to perform effortlessly and without thought, into carefully thought-out strategic operations, that once completed successfully make you feel that you just discovered the cure for cancer!

I love it! Thanks for sharing. Only a mother would understand the task of juggling kids and dogs! Good luck!