Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time to Get Healthy

With Ty reaching the 3 month milestone tomorrow, I am realizing that this baby weight is not coming off on its own, not even with nursing. I gained SO MUCH weight with him. And the sad thing is that I had such bad heartburn throughout the pregnancy that I rarely enjoyed eating. It's not like I was devouring my favorite comfort food all of the time. But the weight managed to pile on somehow (probably due to the convenience food we ate so often because I was too big and tired to cook).

So I started weight watchers last night. I have done it once before (online only) when Emily was about 6 months old, and I was struggling to lose the last 10 lbs. They came off so easily when I did just one month of weight watchers. But this time, I have much more than 10 lbs to lose, so I am doing the meetings since statistically speaking, I should lose more weight that way. I really want to get back to my cute old self asap! The meeting was really quick and fun because they gave us 2 simple recipes, and don't you know I love getting recipes!

I will now show you how huge I got because I had a picture taken of me the day before I went into labor. We had taken Emily to have her pictures made in the bluebonnets, and I ended up in a few of the shots. Keep in mind that I was ONLY 36 weeks, 3 days in these pictures!

And just to compare, this is me with my "basketball belly" at 39 weeks with Emily.

Soooooo as you can see, having a son did a number on my body, but I am hopefully on the right track to getting back to normal! Wish me luck!


Dawn said...

Girl, don't I feel ya. I have about 40 lbs to lose. It seemed I picked up about 10 w/each kid, and then of course I gained about 10 lbs our first year or so of marriage, before babies!

What's bad is it WON'T come off without exercise. I used to be able to lose it with eating right alone....and way. Jon is working out hard, and he still can't lose his belly.

So we've got to diet AND exercise AND be on a Fat Burner. Getting older sucks! LOL.

Marie said...

Girl-It is a boy thing! I gained so much weight with both my boys and then hardly gained any with Riley. I have about 30-40 to loose from all 3 combined. It is really hard. I hope WW works for you. I am thinking about trying it, but I know Matt and The boys are not fond of the reciepies that I have tried. Good luck!

Hey Dawn- what Fat burner are you taking?

Kann said...

I'm right there with you all! I have started using my eliptical every morning. I was doing weight watchers, and now I need to get back on it. I thought that beacause I was still nursing S I wuld be losing more weight... what ever!!!! Lets all motivate each other!!!