Thursday, July 19, 2007

San Antonio Vacation Part 1

Well, we just got back from our short vacation to San Antonio. With a baby who hates the car, we didn't want to go too far or stay too long, so 3 days was perfect. We went to the zoo on the first day, and we went to Sea World the second day. Here are some highlights from our trip. Emily loved it, and Ty did very well. We came back to the hotel for naps in the afternoon, so we didn't do everything there, but for what we did do, our kids were in good moods ;-)

Thanks Dawn for the stroller! We got to see the Clydesdales--they have one named Melissa.

This is Emily and Dee at the dolphin feeding. Emily liked it, but she didn't want to stay on her tummy like she was supposed to, so we weren't there too long. I was outside the railing with a sleeping baby in the stroller, so I didn't get very close either.

Here you can see a dolphin going right by them. Emily is in a yellow shirt, and Dee is in a straw hat.

Dee got a great shot of this lionfish--I actually learned something while I was there--I never knew they were poisonous.

Look at the beautiful colors in this picture! The aquarium was one of the best parts of the trip. But with all of the exotic fish, sharks, sting rays, etc., Emily's favorite thing was the poison dart frogs. Every time we tried to leave the exhibit, she ran back to the "froggies."

Here is a decent shot of a dolphin from the Viva show. It was a combination of divers, acrobats, dolphins, and beluga whales. Emily had a blast at this show. She told me like 15 times "I wanna see the dolphins again."

Here are the stars of the show--I think our pictures turned out well considering we were in the very last row of the stadium. We did that in case Ty started crying or Emily needed to go potty. Also, Emily was able to stand on the bleachers and see over people's heads.

This was Emily's first amusement park ride. She wasn't scared at all. When we started going, she said "Mommy, we can fly we can fly we can fly." When we got to the top, she said "we're in the tree tops." I loved sharing this moment with her!

Of course, we had to wave to Daddy.

And it wouldn't be Sea World without seeing Shamu. Again, this picture was taken from the top row. Emily laughed and danced to the music. She loved the Shamu Rocks Texas show. But all of the loud music made Ty cry, so Dee took him shopping for Shamu gear.

Isn't this fun!

Someone gave Ty a Shamu sticker for the Baby Bjorn. He loved spending time with his Dad even though they missed Shamu.

Well, thanks for sticking with me through all of these pictures. I am going to post our zoo pictures tomorrow hopefully. And here's my good news--in spite of being on vacation, I lost 3.8 lbs on my first week of Weight Watchers--YAY me!


Dawn said...

Very good pictures. Of course, you know me, I LOVE the fishy pictures!! Losing weight on vacation IS hard, so definately KUDOS for you! Can't wait to see the rest. Miss Emily seemed to be in heaven w/the fishies and froggies! Glad the stroller came in handy.

Kann said...

Great job on losing weight on Vacation! Didn't know Calories don't count on vacation?!LOL Great pictures and I am glad you had a great time. Arent' those strollers the best!!!