Monday, July 23, 2007

Imagine That!!!

Emily is developing quite an imagination. She does have imaginary friends, but for the most part, they seem to be Disney characters. I just want to share a few stories from the past week...
We walked in the house one day, and she said "Hi Uncle Ben, Hi Aunt Amy, Hi Baby Carter!" Then she started talking to her new baby cousin. And no, they were not there, they were at their own house in Searcy, AR, but she didn't seem to realize this!

When we went to play on her swing set the other day, she was playing with an imaginary "Donald Duck." She was pushing her little friend on the swing, and she was helping him climb up to the top of the fort. She even helped him slide down the slide. When we played on the swing set today, she added to it by first going to the imaginary "water" to get Donald Duck before bringing him to play with us.

Last week, she was playing in the house with another friend named "Fairy Godmother." I accidentally squashed her when I was talking on the phone--I sat down in the recliner, and Emily ran over to me and said "Oh, no, Mommy, you sat on Fairy Godmother!"

A few days later, when I clicked Ty's carseat into the base, she started screaming "Get OUT Get OUT Baby TYYYYY!!!!!! You are sitting on Cinderella!" I calmed her down, took the car seat out of the base, took "Cinderella" to the other side of the car and buckled her in the empty seat. Then I put the car seat back in the car. All better!

And then there are the bugs...she doesn't have monsters in her closet or under her bed--she has bugs in her room. We spray them with "bug spray" (a water bottle--got this idea from Supernanny). Then I get her stuffed animal Mr. Racoon and show her how if any more bugs come into her room, he will eat them up! This usually calms her down.

I totally encourage this imaginative playing; I think it's precious, and hopefully she will become a creative person like her Mommy tries to be. But in the meantime, I must be careful where I sit.
Here are some pictures of Miss Em playing on her swingset.

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Dawn said...

Thank Goodness it's just Disney Princesses and such. Imagine if she said, "Mommy, mommy...I see DEAD PEOPLE!"

Okay, just kidding~! Leave it to me... HAHA! Love the water spray idea! She probably does have the "Tittle Creative Genes".