Friday, June 29, 2007

While I Was Out

Since we moved into this house, we haven't done much in the way of decorating our bedroom because I couldn't decide whether I wanted new bedding or not. I found a pretty light blue quilt set on sale a few weeks ago, and it was the color I was considering changing to, so I bought it and decided we would change up. I told Dee I wanted the colors in our room to be chocolate, tan, and light blue. I also told him I wanted to paint an accent wall (and he turned up his nose like that was a dumb idea). So I dropped this issue.

Then I was gone for a week to an AP Calculus Institute. Ty went with me, and Emily stayed with Dee. When we got home, this is what I found in my bedroom....

Dee (with the help of his mom) correctly guessed the color I wanted to paint the wall and also correctly guessed which wall I wanted painted. Then his mom made beautiful curtains, and she chose the sconces (which were something I wanted but hadn't told anyone). Dee picked out some other accessories including lamps, a hamper, and bathroom stuff. The room was all perfect and clean when I walked in there, and I was totally surprised. It was exactly the look I was going for, and I didn't have to do any of the work or shopping around. Thank you to my sweet husband and MIL. My master bedroom is now my favorite room in the house!


Dawn said...

Two of my favorite colors together. I'm moving in, and Dee's out. HAHA. Well, I guess that wouldn't work since he is like GOLDEN for a week or so for "good behavior". LOL. Seriously it is AWESOME. I wish someone in my family could sew; dang it. Major jealousy pangs. LOVE IT LOVE IT...and I won't be suprised if I hear another Trcka is on the way soon. HEE HEE.

Tell him "he's the poop". D~

Dawn said...

I was just thinking...first a piano and now this....he needs to get together with Jon for a "boy's night" and we'll get them drunk and let them swap "secrets". LOL.

Mariela said...

Hello, may I ask what the name of the brown paint? I love that color and I am wanting to paint an accent wall that color but I never get the paint color just right.

I would really appreciate it.