Friday, November 2, 2007

SUPERMOM strikes again!!!

Emily and I used to have a tradition. When she was a baby, I would go eat at McAlister's on the nights that Dee's freshman team played football. I just wanted to get out of the house, so I'd load her up along with her baby food and feed her and then eat my sandwich and savor my sweet tea. Fun times! Last year, we moved it to Friday nights when Dee had away games. Emily and I would have our "girl's night" and go to Hobby Lobby and eat at McAlister's. She would always eat a grilled cheese sandwich and both of our fruit cups.

Now that Ty has come along, I realized that our "girl's nights" would have to come to an end. In fact, I couldn't forsee a "Mom and Kid's night" either because I didn't know how to go out to eat by myself with 2 children. Well, I am happy to announce that last night while Dee was at a freshman football game, I finally did it--I took both kids to eat at McAlister's ALL BY MYSELF!

I managed to get everyone inside, order, pay, seat us in a booth, place high chair cover in high chair and put Ty in it, carry our drinks to our table, take Emily potty, help her wash her hands (while I was holding the baby), feed Ty some bananas and oatmeal, supervise Emily eating PB&J and fruit, and eat my delicious sandiwich and savor my sweet tea. I am so proud of myself! We had a really good time, and I can definitely see doing it again although probably not weekly.

A funny sidenote--Emily insisted on bringing her baby doll with us. As I got Ty ready to go, she used her baby and copied everything I did--changing diaper, clothes, and packing a diaper bag. She had to buckle her baby in the car, take her baby in the restaurant, and feed her baby pretend baby food. Everytime I wiped Ty's face, she wiped her baby's face. Every time I said something to Ty, she said the same thing to her baby. She even calls her baby doll Baby Ty. I drew the line at getting a high chair for her baby and taking her baby potty with us. So I guess if you count the doll, I really took 3 "things" out to eat.


Kann said...

Great job! Doesn't it make you feel good when you can do it! I remember the first time I took all 3 boys out by myself! That was a memory!

Dawn said...

Girl, I totally can appreciate that post! Way to go...I would say it gets easier, but well, it doesn't so why lie? LOL. Some days are great outings and others they all decide to get fussy, go to the bathroom at different times, or run around just out of your reach.

I love McAllisters, too! Way to go Tittle, Way to Go!