Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Head of the Class

I was so proud of my smart daughter. Her Bible class teacher told me that she was the only one who knew who Joseph was. She told me that she was explaining to the 2 y/os that Baby Jesus had a Daddy and a Mommy. She was trying to ask them if they knew what his Daddy's name was, and Emily blurted out "JOSEPH!!!" before she could finish the question. Way to go, Smart Girl!!! Sorry, please excuse the bragging. But we've been working on Mary and Joseph. We haven't set up our nativity yet, but I wanted her to know who they were when we do set it up, so we've been working on it...only I didn't think she was getting it because when I ask her, she always puts her hand on her chin and says "Hmmmm." And then I have to tell her the answer. But apparently, she has figured it out, so the moral of the story is--keep trying, and when you least expect it, they will remember!

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Dawn said...

That was so cute! Smarty pants!! Miss ya!