Sunday, November 18, 2007

New 'Do

I hate "postpartum hair." I know this doesn't happen to everyone, but this is what happens to me...While I am pregnant, my hair stops falling out. I mean not one single strand will fall out in the shower or after brushing. I end up with a nice, thick, healthy, fast-growing "mane." And about 3 months after the baby, all of the hair that didn't fall out during the pregnancy begins to fall--in clumps. Don't you know my husband loves this and the results that it has on our shower drain. Okay, so about 6 months pp, it stops. You would think you're done with the torture, but you would be wrong. The hair starts growing back, so you have baby hairs everywhere. It is starting to look like I cut my bangs really, really short. In another month or so, I will probably have to cut actual bangs in order to keep my baby hairs from looking like I let Emily cut my hair. One thing that made me feel better was getting my hair cut and highlighted this weekend. Here's a picture me and my girly-girl after I got home from the salon.

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