Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My New Super Stroller!!!

I am extremely excited about my new stroller. I just wanted to show off!!! When Ty was born, I resisted getting a double stroller. First, Emily wouldn't stay in a stroller for very long anyway. When I went somewhere, I would put Emily in the stroller and Ty in the Baby Bjorn. But since Emily always wanted to get out and walk, I ended up pushing an empty stroller.

Now that Ty is 20+ pounds, even though he is technically below the weight limit on the bjorn, it kills my back to have him in there. I thought that I could put Ty in the stroller and have Emily walk since that's what she wanted to do anyway. But NO...wouldn't you know, as soon as she saw that Ty got to ride in the stroller, she decided she wants in it too. So what's a mom to do?

Double strollers are so big and bulky not to mention expensive. It's hard enough maneuvering through a crowded store w/ a single stroller, so who wants a big ole double stroller? Not me! With that said, I do have a double jogging stroller from my dear friend Dawn, and it's AWESOME for walks outside or a day at Sea World. But I still needed a solution for the mall or Hobby Lobby.

Then, I found the Joovy. This is a stroller that has a spot for your older child to sit or stand on the back and a place for your baby to ride up front. It's even car seat compatible, but Ty's no longer in his infant seat. It's also extremely affordable compared to most double strollers. The best part is, Emily can sit, stand, or hop off and walk, so there's no taking her in and out of the stroller when she changes her mind. I love this thing and now try to find any excuse to go somewhere that I can use it. Dee likes it too because he doesn't have to bend over to push it. I hear a lot of tall people have this problem with some strollers.

The day we got it, Emily wanted to ride all around the house (it was raining outside). I took some pictures because the kids were having too much fun. Ty loves it, too and falls asleep. I am so happy to have a stroller that all 4 Trckas love.

And with my new skip hop duo diaper bag (I'll have to rave about that in another post), the bag doesn't hang down low in Emily's face anymore.


Brandon T said...

I think Emily is looking more and more like you everyday.

Aleta said...

I agree -- and you're both so cute!