Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Portraits

Well, we got one more holiday chore done this weekend...Christmas pictures! These are the first prof pictures of Emily and Ty together since they wouldn't cooperate this summer when I tried. They barely cooperated today, but we did end up with some cute ones. Check them out!

This is totally her--Miss Thang!

This one was our non-Christmas background portrait to hang in our house all year long ;-)

This is not a Christmas portrait, but Emily had the wash tub picture taken around this age, and I wanted Ty to do one too. Since we were there and I needed to change him anyway, I just took his clothes off, plopped him in the bucket, he cheesed big time, and we were done!

Have a great week!!!


Dawn said...

(I love them)...I really need to get down and do the same thing - I used to be so diligent at portraits! I only have TWO professional pics of Braden and he turned two this weekend!

I think I did okay on my tests. I guess we'll see. Check out my blog for a prayer request please. It's been a pretty rough week. We just got back from LA last night.

Love you,

Our Family said...

I just went to Deliberate Kids website and previewed some of the songs. I love them,and the kids will too. Can you buy the CD anywhere or just off the website?

Hope you're having a good time in NM with family. Merry Christmas.