Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Before I Forget Part 2

More things I need to write down before I forget….And I’m not forgetting about Ty, either. He’s learning to crawl, but we have it on video, so I don’t need to blog it to remember it ;-)

We have a new CD that we are loving. It’s Phil Joel’s Deliberate Kids. I highly, highly, highly recommend it. This is a kids CD that you will want to listen to even if you’re in the car alone. Emily almost has the Fruit of the Spirit memorized from one of the tracks, and let me tell you, I’m soooo excited that she won’t need to sing the annoying kumquat song! It’s adorable to hear her sing along.

Anyway, last weekend, we were out shopping, and I was in the car nursing Ty while Emily was sitting in the front seat listening to this CD. The last track is I Will Not Be Afraid, so in light of her nightmares and overactive imagination, I decided to talk to her about the meaning of this song. What else did I have to do since my son is a huge pig? We talked about how she can sing this song when she gets scared and how she can remember that she doesn’t need to be afraid since God will take care of her, blah, blah, blah. She paused and looked up at me. (I braced myself because there was no telling what she was going to say. You never know how a 2 y/o will interpret your conversations!) She said, “Mommy, can Daddy be God for Halloween?”

Okay. I never expected that to come out of her mouth. What do I do with that random statement asked at Christmas of all times? I said, “Why do you want Daddy to be God?” She said, “because Daddy takes care of me, and God takes care of me.”

Oh, my heart, how precious! And guess who got tears in their eyes when I told this story? My mom, DUH, and Dee, but he tried to hide it. Then, he acted all smug!

So….Emily was sick last week, and I had to pick her up early from school. I brought her to my classroom until Dee could take her to the doctor. She was obsessed with the overhead. Before my kids got in the room, I was writing something on the overhead, and she was excited about the shadow of my hand, my ring, and my pen. We were playing a game where I would put something on the overhead, turn it on, and she would look at the shape and guess what it was. So when I turned on the overhead to work some math problems, she ran over to the front of the room and is trying to put her hand up there to make shadows WHILE I am trying to teach my students about double and half angle properties for sine and cosine.

I hope she learned from this experience why Mommy’s fingers are always blue (from writing on the overhead). Every day when I pick her up from school and hold her hand as we walk, she comments on my blue fingers. She used to be afraid of them, but now she thinks they’re cool! If you ask her why Mommy’s fingers are blue, she says “from teaching Calculus!”

Well, I will have to do another post about 2 more things. I am out of time for now, and you, my faithful readers, are probably tired of reading. I would like to warn my sister Amy that Emily informed me last night that she will be cutting your hair when we get to Grammy’s house!


CGrimesx2 said...

awh...add another person to the list of people who teared up with the emily/dad/God story....

CGrimesx2 said...

Trcka....update!! :)