Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

Warning--there are a ton of pictures here. But I've been a bad blogger lately, so I had to catch up somehow. We had THREE Halloween/costume events in the past 5 days. So we dressed the kids up THREE times! Here are the pictures of our crazy but fun outings--Emily was Cinderella, and Ty was a mouse (specifically, Gus from Cinderella according to Emily). My mom made both costumes. Didn't she do a fabulous job?

We started our Fall Festivities last Saturday by attending a birthday/Halloween party for 2 of Emily's friends. This is Emily and Ty at the party.

Emily did the cutest thing when we walked into the party--she saw another little girl and immediately said "Look, Mommy, there's Snow White." She was too excited. I really think that Emily truly believed that she was Cinderella and that the other little girl was really Snow White.

They live out in the country, so we went on a hayride. This was Ty's 1st hayride and Emily's 2nd (her 1st was at the same party 2 years ago).

Emily saw a magazine at Dee's mom's. There were pictures of Halloween cupcakes on the cover, and she asked MeMe if she could have the magazine. And then she begged me for a week to make the cupcakes. So this was our big project last sunday. This is Emily's marshmallow cupcake.

And this is her pumpkin cupcake--isn't she creative?

Dee and I made some too! Emily calls them the funny cupcakes.

On Monday, our class at church had a Halloween party. We set up the church's bounce thingy for our kids, and Emily had a blast! Of course, she was jumping in the princess castle!

Ty was content in his high chair after a full belly of sweet potatoes!

This was this evening. We went to the big carnival at church and then Trick or Treating to a few neighbors. Emily got a kick out of Trick or Treating. After each house, she would say "Let's go to another neighbor's house, so they can give me some more candy." She said trick-or-treat and thank you or your welcome to everyone. She sometimes gets confused on which one to say.

Well, with Dee at fb practice, I had to get them ready all by myself. And I had to try to get a picture of them all by myself. I told Emily to hold her brother up and crossed my fingers that she would. And she managed to keep him upright. She's such a big girl. When I was getting ready for the evening, I had propped Ty up on the couch, and he apparantley spit up. When I walked in to check on them, she was wiping up the spit-up with baby wipes---about 50 of them! She loves to "help."

Ahhh, my little princess. I treasure these moments where she is fully convinced that she is Cinderella. I know that sweet innocence won't last long.

Wow--now I need to insert a picture of an exhausted Mommy. I am SO GLAD all of the festivities are over and we can get back to normal.


Aleta said...

Thanks for posting the pics! They look so sweet together and like they both had fun! She looks like a happy Cinderella, especially holding her little "Gus!"

Dawn said...

Even though I saw these on the camera, it's still so much cuter with the story to go with them. Precious and what a good job your mom did. Dang I so am taking that first summer and going up to a craft store with the little old ladies and learn to sew. I'm missing out on cute curtains, bags, and costumes.

Love ya and I had soooo much fun seeing you and spending time together. Thanks for having me! Kiss the kiddos for me!