Sunday, October 14, 2007

6 Months Old--New Teeth and Starting and Stopping Solids!

Ty's half birthday was Friday, and we spent the day home due to a stomach virus. The poor baby was throwing up and having diarrhea. I was constantly changing diapers/Ty's clothes/my clothes. We did go to the doctor and find out that he was not dehydrated and that there really wasn't anything we could do until the bug passes (it made me feel better to have the dr say he was going to be ok). On Friday, I also got the privilege of giving him a suppository--so much fun! On Saturday, the throwing up was pretty much done, but the runs were still "running." And today, he seems to be better although the poop isn't normal yet, and his appetite isn't 100% either.

I did discover on Thursday night that his first 2 teeth had finally cut, so that was exciting. Emily got her first tooth on her 6 month birthday, so both of these kids are together with that milestone. The following pictures are from the past week of Ty starting solids. I am a mean mommy who makes Ty wait basically the full 6 months recommended by AAP. I also hate rice cereal--I think it's a pointless bunch of carbs and has little nutritional value. Instead, he has had organic oatmeal and homemade banana puree. Isn't he a lucky boy? Next he will have homemade sweet potato puree or squash puree, but with the stomach bug, we had to temporarily stop feeding solids. I think we will try oatmeal again tomorrow if today continues to go well.


Yummy--thanks Daddy for the bananas!

See, I can already feed myself this yummy cereal.

Emily didn't want to be left out; she can feed herself spaghetti!

Ty has recently discovered two entertaining items--water bottles and remote controls.

His #1 talent--drooling


Aleta said...

And he's so good at the drooling -- not to mention cute with those big eyes! Too bad I'm not prejudiced!

Dawn said...

That reminds me, for one of the kids, we actually went to the store and bought them their own remote so they would leave ours alone! LOL. I wish I had had one of those little chairs with mine. It's so cute and functional! I sympathize with the bug. Braden has the same stuff, and there's nothing more gross than cleaning up spilled poop on the carpet. YUCK! But we're mommies, and that's our job! Love ya! D-