Sunday, July 13, 2008

Out on the Town

Friday night, I got a much needed break from the usual. I got to go to Austin to celebrate my college roomie's 30th Bday. We had quite the night out on the town. Here is the bday girl, the old fart. If you knew her at HU, you would not believe how hot she looks now. A girl can say that about another girl, right? Our old khaki-wearing, chem lab living Darla was showing off her amazing legs and having a blast. I got onto her for not meeting me earlier (before the sun went down) because I needed to "shoot" her. She looked AMAZING. She was definitely not within Harding's dress code ;-) Somehow I managed to get this fab candid even though it was taken in some lounge/restaurant/bar place. I'm not sure the technical name for the establishment, but it was really dark in there.

Happy Birthday to an amazing woman, mommy, and friend.

And to all of the other mommies out there, I hope that you get to take a night off every so often. I have obviously been away from my kids overnight, and Dee and I have gone away together, but I have never left the kids overnight for just me to go do something purely frivolous. It was divine!!!


Angela said...

So jealous!!! Sounds like you guys had a BLAST!! Wish I could hang with you all and go out!! That picture of Darla is sooo good!! :)

Kristi said...

Loofs like a fun time. Great advice, too! I am actually going to have a girlie weekend with my college bff this weekend! Can't wait! Have fun on your cruise. I am sure you will have some amazing pics when you get home!