Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An Interesting Conversation

I know I don't normally post this often, but I am trying to keep myself awake right now. I just took a Vicodin, and I am home w/ Ty who is pigging out on a hamburger, fries, and nilla wafers. The reason for the Vicodin is the lovely kidney stone that I was diagnosed with this afternoon. What a fun day! I am seriously about to fall asleep, so I am standing up and typing. Dee should be back with Emily soon. He took her to rent some movies in case I need some "babysitting" tomorrow.

So here's the conversation I had with Emily today. She was riding around on Ty's red ride-on car. She had a toy cell phone and a green maraca in the trunk of the car. The cell phone made sense to me, but I asked her why she needed this as I held up the maraca. Her reply was "Put that back, Mommy, there's blood in there."

*Insert mild panic attack by me wondering what kind of warped child I have raised*

Me: Why is there blood in there?

Emily: It's princess blood

Me: Where did you get it? (hoping for a non-violent answer)

Emily: (said very matter-of-factly) From Target--I got the princess blood at Target

I left it at that. She played with the princess blood all morning.

Then she proceeded to fill our entry way with pillows, blankets, books, and pajamas. I asked her why she was getting all of this stuff out of her room.

Emily: I am getting ready for my friends to spend the night with me.

Me: Oh, really. When are they going to be here?

Emily: In a few minutes. They are on the road right now.

On the road? Where did she learn that?

Me: Who is coming?

Emily: Kylie, Macey (both her cousins), Makenna (church friend), Emma, Izabella (daycare friends), Kelsey (baby at church), Kel-sell-ee (no idea), and Landry (baby at church)

She welcomed each and every friend to her home. Then she played with them for about 30 minutes. It was really cute. So any of those girls' mommies who may be reading this, your girls had a great time in our entryway this morning. Even the babies. Just thought you'd want to know ;-)

So this is Emily Monday night with all of her loot from Chuck E Cheese. She had over 300 tickets that her Daddy won for her. Well, let me give credit where credit is due--she probably won 15 of them herself. I thought she'd go for the magic wand or lipstick pen with pad of paper compact. But she wanted the Fun Dip. Nasty. I never liked it. It took about 10 minutes for me and the prize lady to convince her that she can have the Fun Dip AND lots of other stuff, too. The Fun Dip only cost about 40 tickets. The prize lady finally laid a bunch of girly prizes out and said pick what else you want until she had reached her limit. She got a ponytail holder, 2 rings, fake ear rings, and a bracelet. She wanted to wear all of it and eat her Fun Dip. I made her eat it outside.

And this is Emily's pedicure. When we were in Allen, my SILs and MIL and I took the 3 youngest girl cousins to get pedicures. The mommies got full spa pedicures including hot stones. The little girls got their toe nails painted. Emily and I got flowers on our big toes, so we could "match." She is very proud of her toes.

I am seriously about to drop. I think I hear my hubby pulling up. Yay! It seems that every post lately includes some type of health problem. I don't know what the deal is. We are normally a healthy family. Here's hoping that things get back to normal really soon!


Becky said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad...I hope you got to get some rest on Wednesday night after hubby returned home with the reinforcements (movies of course!!) Take care of you and hope to see you soon :) HUGS!!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad that Landry had a good time at the sleepover. Did she sleep for you b/c she sure doesn't for me!!!! I was literally laughing out loud about the princess blood. Where do they come up with this stuff?

YIKES!!! Kidney stones? So sorry to hear it. Sounds painful. I hope you get some relief very soon!

Rebecca said...

I hope you are feeling better! Those are some really good pics.