Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July Finally

Before we leave for our trip, I needed to get caught up on blogging. The main thing I needed to post were pictures from our time at Dee's sister's house over July 4. I had so much fun relaxing by the pool, shopping, and of course, taking pictures. Since I am posting a ridiculous amount of pictures, I will stop writing and let you look!

Mr. Ty had so much fun in the pool.

Here he is showing off what he learned in swimming lessons. He is holding onto the side all by himself.

My niece is such a ham anytime I get my camera out!

And this niece is too!

We went to the park across the street (literally 20 yds from the house) and popped poppers. Emily was concentrating very hard on this.

Ty was helping to sweep up everyone's mess.

With so many cousins around, someone is always looking after Ty.

The girls had so much fun on the swings.

Ty just had fun exploring the playground. But a scary thing--I was distracted for a minute taking the above swinging pictures, and I looked up and saw him standing at the top of the slide. He had climbed up there in no time. I did not stop to take a picture. I rushed to be there to spot him in case he fell. But he didn't--his cousin helped him slide down. But I have a serious climber on my hands. This is new territory for me as Emily did not climb too much.

Isn't she precious?

Dee and Ty had fun learning about basketball. I want to point something out that you may not notice otherwise. The blurry figure sitting and watching on the bench in the background is Dee's dad. I love that he is watching his son play with his grandson.

Unfortunately, after this lesson, he now tries to throw balls or other round objects into garbage cans, toilets, or any other open container.

This is the oldest cousin on Dee's side. She just got her permit!

My husband playing basketball--I HAD to document this.

I am in love with these pictures of my FIL with his dog Abigail.

And even more in love with this one!

These were all taken the next day when my nieces begged me to take more pictures of them (it did not take much convincing). So I dressed them all up and took them back to the park. I knew better than to tell the 3 girls to look at me and smile or say cheese. I just let them sit and talk while I "got the camera ready."

Then it was time for individuals. This is one of my favorites that I have of Emily ever!

As the girls were getting restless, but the lighting was still beautiful, I stole some flowers from SIL's kitchen table. This re-energized the bunch, and I love the results.

I have been dying to get a photo that shows of Em's long lashes. Finally!

Now it's time to go!

Thanks for looking. The next post will be vacation related :-)


Jennifer said...

Those pics are AWESOME!! When you get back, I would love to take you up on that offer to take pics of Abriella at UMHB. You CLEARLY need the practice taking pics! HA!! Let us know when you get back! AND, enjoy your trip!! I'm jealous!

Dawn said...

Girl, you're not far from a career in photography. So put your notice in at school and buy some lights!!!

Great pics!! TRULY!

Becky said...

What fun you guys had! You can tell by the sparks in the kids eyes they were having fun with it.

BTW, before you become a rich and famous photographer and move to Dallas, can we meet up for a lesson? Call me ;)

Amanda said...

Great pics - as usual of course!!! I especially love the one of Ty and Daddy playing bball with grandpa in the background. You got some really great family shots that are sure to be treasured for a long time.