Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally--SOME New Mexico Christmas

Well, since, as my lil' sis reminded me, it's almost Valentine's Day, I will finish the Christmas pics...some of them. I actually just realized the other day that I had an extra memory card w/ some pictures. Those aren't even on my computer yet. So here's some New Mexico Christmas pictures. Ya know, I am WAY behind on blogging, but I'm caught up on grading papers. It always seems to be one or the other!

Dee and Ty were tired from travelling, so they took a Sunday snooze--too cute!

Emily made a "Gingerbread Man House" with Grammy and wondered all week why she couldn't eat it.

This is Pa reading Twas the Night Before Christmas to the grandkids. It was hilarious. Look at Ty and Carter...

They were staring wide-eyed at their Pa.

Oh, poor Carter couldn't take it anymore.

That's better, Carter man, gotta love the binky! But Ty is still staring at Pa. He did this throughout the entire story. The video is hilarious!

Ty was really working hard on crawling, but at times, he found it easier to roll from place to place.

Watch me go!

Ty: "Now Carter, if you will get up on your hands and knees like me, you can learn to crawl, too!"

It was so cute...Ben could get them giggling like crazy!

Sweet Carrigan Family--we don't get to see you enough!

And Grammy was having a ball playing with the babies while the big boys cleaned the kitchen!


Angela said...

YAY!! Been periodically checking to see if you posted anything new or not! Those are great!! I love ones with Pa and the grandkids!! So cute! I miss you of these days, we HAVE to get together and have our kiddos meet!

Collin and Christy said...

Alright! Now you just have to fill us in on everything that happened in Jan before St Pattie's day ;) heh I wish I could have been there to see the story :(

Dawn said...

Yay, you're alive!!! Missed ya! The matching jammies were so cute. I love the sleeping Trcka men. Boys aren't so bad when they're sleeping. Happy V-Day since it's technically LOOOOVE day. Hope you get some pretty flowers. I've been up all night decorating, wrapping presents for Zane, and doing laundry. Pics to come. I even drew on the explorer with red chalk paint.

Okay gotta catch some Z's. Tomorrow's gonna kick my butt and Jon goes out of town Saturday 5:00 A.M. :-(

Jennifer said...

Such great pics! Your kids are just cute as can be! Ty always makes me smile with his HUGE smiles! Love them!!