Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wow--What a Memory!!!

I am still working on a post about our trip to NM, but I wanted to do a quick blog about something that happened today. It was extremely cold, so Dee wanted to go to Starbucks and get a hot chocolate. Yes, he loves their hot chocolate. As we were on our way home, Emily was naming restaurants and stores...Applebees, McAllister's, Hobby Lobby, Fazoli's, Marshalls...she was doing great! Then, as we drove past the strip center, she asked me if there would be some more stores for her to see. I guess she was enjoying listing them. As I franctically looked around for a store, I noticed the furniture store Lack's off in the distance. So I pointed it out to her...

"Emily, do you see that brown store with the red ABCs?" (She calls letters on signs ABCs).

"Yes, Mommy, I see it."

"Well, that's where Mommy and Daddy bought your bed and dresser."

"Yes, Mommy, and I had an accident there, too."

I paused...wait, we bought that bedroom furniture almost a year ago to date. She was also first learning to go potty, so I would never have taken her shopping in public in anything but Pull-Ups. So why does she think she had an accident? Then, it hit me, she DID have an accident there this past summer when we were shopping for a dining table. Actually, she had the accident in her car seat, and we discovered it in the parking lot before entering the store. I actually blogged about the incident; if you search tee-tee, you can read my July 2 post.

She proceeded to tell us how she had an accident, and Daddy bought her some new clothes. I was in total shock that she remembered that. Dee and I were looking at each other in amazement. I remembered that Dee had gone to the store to buy her some new undies, and he got Elmo. So I asked her what kind of panties Daddy bought her, and without hesitation, she replied ELMO!!!

Okay, can I just say it's scary how great her memory is...and how far back it goes??? I hope and pray we have not done anything to traumatize her. Dee says I need to start teaching her calculus ;-)


Our Family said...

It is scary to hear them retrieve things we have already forgotten. But that's why we old-schoolers have blogs. I think their memory is so good because they have less memories and past experiences that muddle and take up space. You know? We have so much information stored - how to do certain things, recipes, likes & dislikes, experiences...and they have less stuff to file through...at least that's how I think of it.

We were worried the kids wouldn't remember Disney World, but they still surpise us (even Zane) daily with details we have already forgotten about and that was 2 Christmas's ago! Makes the money we spent worth it knowing they remember!!


CGrimesx2 said...

hey mel dog,
I only have two weeks left on the couch to 5k! You should see me! I don't dread running anymore(not saying in enjoy it either...it's just something I do now)
Love you! Hope you are having a good week! Move closer!

Collin and Christy said...

lol, oh no! That is a delima!! Why does she think she's having a baby sister? Maybe she knows something you don't!!

Collin and Christy said...

how is christmas #3 coming?? that's the most important...it's the one I was there for! And you should probably get it up before valentines day...I mean...that's a bit late ya know?