Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas Part 2--With Dee's Family

Before we went to New Mexico, we stopped in Allen to celebrate with Dee's family. We stayed at his sister's house, and everyone came up. We always eat so good there! Emily was so excited to visit Macey and play with her babies and princess clothes. Ty really tried to get in on the action by army crawling and rolling around. He also enjoyed a lot of TLC from his aunts and cousins. Here are some pictures:

Look at all of these princesses enjoying their dinner!

Just moments after taking this picture, Emily decided to jump of the swing in mid-air.

Ty getting some love from cousin Kirstie.

Ty being silly with cousin Meaghan.

Our "flower girl" Shelby holding her baby cuz.

We enjoyed opening presents before we left for NM.

I don't know if you can tell, but Emily was singing Jingle Bells in this shot!

Well, we only spent one night in Allen, and those were my pictures, so imagine how many I will have from spending 6 days in NM!!! I've gotta get working on those!


CGrimesx2 said...

I could TOTALLY tell she was singing jingle bells!....ok....that's not true, but I know now! :) Can't wait to see NM pics!

Our Family said...

Ty's sure outnumbered with all the "princesses" in the family! He's going to need a brother I think! :-)