Thursday, February 21, 2008

I hate Wednesdays!

Welcome to baseball season and sickness season! I can't get both of my kiddos well at the same time. It's so frustrating and heartbreaking to see them not feeling well. 3 Wednesdays ago, Ty was sent home with suspected pink eye. Well, I don't think it was pink eye because I had to keep him out of school for 24 hours, and his eye was fine. But he started having trouble breathing over the following days, and we took him to the doctor to make sure his lungs sounded okay since in the past, he's had problems with bronchiolitis. His lungs sounded perfect.

2 Wednesdays ago, Emily was sent home with 101 temp. She had to stay home from school on Valentine's Day and miss her party. She had a double ear infection but started feeling much better after just one dose of Azithromycin. She was very excited about going to the doctor and getting bubble gum flavored medicine for 3 days. Dee and I didn't get to take advantage of free babysitting at church on Valentine's night since Emma-bucks was sick. But he did go get TX Roadhouse take-out, and we had dinner after putting E&T to bed early. I would show you a picture of the flowers Emily picked out for me, but they are on my camera, and Dee has the camera cord in his office and keeps forgetting to bring it home.

So we think we're done. Her ear infection comes and goes, and Ty seems very healthy. In fact, he had a well-baby check-up Monday, and he did great. Then I get a call yesterday (Wednesday again) afternoon. Ty now has 101 temp. We figured he caught what Emily had last week. But Dee just got back from the doctor, and Ty is starting to get bronchiolitis again. We have to give him breathing treatments again. And he has a bacterial infection, so he is now on Azithromycin. He is staying with his MeMe today because Dee and I are almost out of sick and personal days. I don't really mind since he acts like his normal self and doesn't have much fever anymore. If he acted like he felt yucky, I would take a day off anyway.

To top things off, I now feel like I have a brick in my head. I feel so sick. But here I am plugging away just trying to make it through to the weekend. Thankfully, Dee will be home today around 6, and he will be bringing dinner from Jason's Deli with him. Yes!

If you have read all of this, you deserve a picture! We love bathtime, and the kids love to take a bath together. Here are some bath pics! Notice Emily is washing her baby's "hair." This is how I keep her from trying to wash Ty's hair :-)


Collin and Christy said...

awh! they are so cute!! sorry you all keep getting sick! :( Booo!! And D needs to remember the cords because I want pics of you in your 8s!!

Angela said...

hey girl- hang in there! I sure hope you all get to feeling better soon. I am also exhausted...but just keep telling yourself what an AWESOME Mommy you are and keep taking those adorable pics :) Love ya!

Dawn said...

Oh, to be in 8's again! I'm very proud of you. Way to go girl. Sorry about the kiddos. Aren't you glad summer's almost here. The warmer weather usually equals well-babies...I also dreaded cold and flu season and daycare doesn't help - but look at it this way, my kids are hardly ever sick -if you don't count parasitic infections caused by poop!!! They got it all out of their system when they were 1 & 2.

I'll be in for a ride when Braden finally goes to school! Hang in there! You're a great super-sexy mom!

Kann said...

We have the sickies here too! I am so sorry! I hope the antibiotics kick in soon!