Friday, September 26, 2008

Look What I Learned!

Ever since I have been working so hard this summer to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop, I have been wanting to do some edits to some pictures I took when Ty was 12 days old. I can't go back and re-take the picture now that I actually know how to use the camera, but I can make the pictures I did take look better. This was my favorite picture of the bunch (and there were a bunch). Notice my hand print where I smoothed out the blanket...above his head.

I took monthly pictures of Ty with the bball glove/ball to document his growth through his first year, but this is my favorite out of all 12 months. Here is my photo makeover on this shot....and notice--handprint gone!

In addition to making the blanket more smooth, I fixed the white balance, lightened the picture, smoothed his skin, and ever so slightly darkened the edges. I'm still not done. I want to remove some of the creases at the bottom of the blanket, and I want to remove the characters from his diaper. I was just so happy with the progress I had already made on the picture that I was itching to post it NOW!

He's about to turn 18 months, so it's almost time for another baseball shoot.

Thanks for letting me toot my own horn, but I'm proud of myself for figuring out some of this crazy Photoshop stuff. There's still so much that I need to learn though.

I am almost finished editing photos for a new cruise post. (I know my faithful readers will be waiting on pins and needles. HA!)


Becky said...

WOW, it never ceases to amaze me what photoshop can do! It's like it gives you the opportunity to make the MOST of every picture! I love it, thanks for sharing what IS possible Melissa :)

Dawn said...

CUTE! Makes me want to get my camera out, but I have grades to get in....MUAH!!

Amanda said...

How freaking adorable is that??? Great job editing the picture! It's just the most precious picture - I love it!!!

Kristi said...

That looks great, Melissa! The handprint thing was did a great job of removing it. Love the darkened edges. You're so super talented. Can't wait for you to "capture" our bunch!

Collin and Christy said...

A Canan 5d! WOWZER! It said they are looking for amatures....and i am definately one. So....we'll see. I don't have my hopes up, but wouldn't that be awesome! I found out about it the last day to enter...which is good, because I don't have to wait as long to see if I win ;)