Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Emily Says, Ty says

I don't want my blog to become political, but I do have a funny story about politics. I hope you will find it humorous even if you disagree with my opinion on a certain candidate. Okay, that was the disclaimer. Now here's the story. This happened a few weeks ago, and I've been meaning to write it down.

We were eating lunch, and Dee was watching Fox News. Obama was giving a speech, and the newscasters were discussing it. Emily started repeating what she was hearing on the news, so she was saying "Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama" over and over again.

I decided to start teaching her about our political beliefs at a young age, so I said, "Emily, we don't like Obama."

She said, "Why don't we like him?"

I said, "He wants to take away all of our money. He wants to give our money to other people."

She said, "Oh, okay......like Zacchaeus."

I said, "Yes, Emily, like Zacchaeus. Very good." I was super-proud of her for making that connection, and Kudos to her Bible class teachers.

She said, "Mommy, Zacchaeus was nice after he saw Jesus, and he gave the money back."

I said, "If Mr. Obama takes all of our money away, I hope he will do the same thing."

She said, "Me, too."

Now every time he is on TV, she said "We don't like Obama--he wants to take all of our money."

The funny thing is that I remember my mom and dad telling me the same thing about Walter Mondale when he ran against Reagan. Only I didn't make the Bible story connection, and I was in grade school.

So what about Mr. Ty?

He can now say baseball (bee-ba), football (fu-ba), Handy Manny (Ha-Ma), Shoes (soos) along with the sign, Bible (ba-ba), and Cheese.


Aleta said...

Well, that's two grandchildren to be proud of! Their stories make me laugh all the time. Can't wait to see them next week!!

Kristi said...

Wow. That's awesome that Emily made that connection! What a smart gal!

Dawn said...

That's funny!! Kids are so hysterical. I got your message, but I'm between phones. I'm waiting on my phone to get in, so for now you'll have to email me or call me on Jon's phone in the evening. Same as my number- just ends in 5 instead of 6. Call after 6:00 pm. Love ya. Dawn