Monday, September 22, 2008

Miss Emily

I am going to interrupt my slow progression of vacation posts to post some photos of Emily. I don't prefer her over Ty, but she's getting to the point that she enjoys having her picture made. She has hit many milestones lately. Of course, there's starting tap/ballet. But that's not the only thing.

Her school is now more "grown-up," and they have a color system for behavior, centers, and slightly more formal instruction. They still get to play and be kids, but their activities are more purposefully designed for learning. And they also go to chapel now. I am really proud of her because she stays on green every day.

If they stay on green all week, they get a prize out of the treasure box. It's all she ever talks about when we leave school..."Mommy, can I get something out of the treasure box today?"

"Not today, Emily, but if you stay on green all week, you can get something Friday."

We have this conversation daily...sometimes, more than once!

At home, she is my little helper. She can help put dishes away, she is actually getting better at cleaning up after herself, and then there's her favorite--helping me cook. We are dealing with the typical 3 year old attitude, but in general, she is a pleasant child.

Another funny thing--she has really caught onto football. She always talks about how the Kangaroos will beat the insert team mascot heres, depending on whoever we are playing. She even remembers their colors. For example, when she was putting on a green shirt, she said, "Mommy, this is green like the Eagles. We don't like the Eagles."

Enough writing...onto the pictures!

This is Em on her first day of dance.

This is Emily playing on her swing set. I've been wanting to try to shoot some sunflare, but this is not exactly how I invisioned it!

She knows in her heart that she is a princess.

She loves having her hair curled for church--I just wish I had the energy to do it more often.

Hope you enjoyed!


Becky said...

Hey There!
My fave is Emily reading her princess book...such a serious face! Cade and I have similar conversations about color cards, but ours seem to focus on HOW TO STAY on green :)
Awh, life with a boy, you just wait!!! The pictures are really beautiful...did you master the macro lens yet?

Amanda said...

Emily sure is a little princess. She's just beautiful and such a sweet kid! By the way, I have her bow she was wearing Sunday night. I found it under Bethany's bed. :)