Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Piper Pays Him--Yes Sir!

Emily just did the most hilarious thing...yes she should be in bed, but she got up to go potty, and I let her stall because she was in a cuddly mood. She snuggled up next to me, and we watched some youtube for about 20 minutes. We like to watch some of the Disney Princess movie clips on youtube occasionally. We also enjoy watching clips from the Sound of Music and The Music Man.

Tonight's event deals with Music Man. But first, I should give you a little background. My entire family (The Tittles) are crazy-obsessed fans of The Music Man. My Dad was in it in high school, and he shared the awesomeness of this musical with his children. In fact, I was in it in high school, and my sister Amy played in the pit. This is my absolute favorite musical and one of my favorite movies. Our family can sit around and between the 4 of us kids and my parents, we can probably quote the entire movie. I know, we're dorks, but it's so much fun to be a dork!

Anyway, when Ty was a few months old, I noticed that saying rhythmic things soothed him. One thing that would always make him smile was a quote from Rock Island, the opening scene of The Music Man..."and when the man dances, certainly boys, what else, the piper pays him, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir..."

Of course, Emily picks up on this and soon has it memorized. My siblings got a kick out of hearing her recite this line. I wanted her to know the context of this fabulous quote, but since I only have The Music Man on VHS and don't have a VCR hooked up, I thought it would be easier to search for a clip online. Months ago, we watched the opening scene of TMM on youtube, and she loved it. She wanted to see it over and over. Then, I noticed they had other clips. I introduced her to the fabulousness of Pickalittle, talkalittle and Shipoopi. Who knows if I am spelling these correctly. We haven't watched any clips since then.

So tonight, I told her one more clip after we had finished watching some Disney clips. I chose Rock Island. As soon as the picture came up (I hadn't even played it yet), she says "Mommy, this is the piper pays him yes sir. I like this song!" My heart leapt for joy at this moment--I was so proud. As we were watching it, she's trying to say things along with the salesmen (cash for the merchandise, etc.), she quoted the piper part, and when that was over, she told me "Everybody is about to fall down, Mommy." I was really in shock that she remembered that the train comes to a fast stop, and the traveling salesmen fall. The best part of all was when the clip was over, I told her she needed to go to bed now. But she started whining and crying. I asked her what was wrong. Her answer will be in my mind forever..."Mommy, I don't wanna go to bed. I need to watch the Shipoopi now."

I am so proud that she has already learned what a great show this is, and she hasn't even watched the thing yet. I know my sister Amy said that Ty's birthday post made her tear up, but this post should make all of my fam cry. I know they will be so proud of little Emily and proud of me for teaching her well. HA HA HA! Thanks for humoring me and my dorky self.

Since you endured this long post, let me at least show my appreciation by posting some pics ;-)

This is a picture I took of Emily a few weeks ago. She was playing with some rose petals.

This is Ty performing one of his favorite tricks--clapping. I like this because you can see his Grammy's shadow on the side. She is clapping, too.

Ty enjoying one of his Bday gifts from us. Look at him laughing at his Daddy!

Ty loves to tackle us. This is us horsin' around after his bday party.

This is Emily taking care of her sick teddy bear. Does the bear look familiar? It was mine when I was a baby. Maybe some of you had one too.

Thanks for looking, and have a great day!

p.s. Now a woman who'll kiss on a very first date is usually a hussy. And a woman who'll kiss on the 2nd time out is anything but fussy. But a woman who'll wait 'till the third time around, head in the clouds, feet on the ground, she's the girl he's glad he's found--she's his Shipoopi.


Brandon T said...

That is so great! I love it.

Collin and Christy said...

Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, the girl who's hard to get! Shipoopi, Shipoopi, Shipoopi, but you can win her yet!

I LOVE IT TOO!!! Yay for Emily! Now we expect the same from Ty ;)

Aleta said...

I keep telling you you're doing a great job with your children! Proof positive!

Angela said...

Hey girl- I have really enjoyed catching up on your blog! What great memories you are creating for your children :) Happy 1st for Ty!!! I love the one of you two wrestling- wish we could see you too!!! Thanks for keeping in touch-I love this blog thing :)

Dawn said...

Now I have to watch the Music Man. NOTE TO SELF- However, I'm a bit worried how the word "Shipoopi" will go over in my house. We already have the hardest time with Potty Words being a source of HILARIUM in our family. They would probably repeat the word and giggle so much they wouldn't hear the movie. KIDS - SIGH! :-)

And I can tell you've lost weight in your wrestling pic. You look FAB my dear!

Kristi said...

Cute, cute. David was in the MM in grade school and reminises (sp?) about it all the time with us! Great pics, too.