Monday, April 21, 2008

And Here She Is!

I took these pictures off of my sister's Facebook. Here is Miss Claira Susan Tittle, 8 lbs, 7 oz, 21.75 in. She was born on San Jacinto Day, so she must be a Texan at heart. I would love it if she became a Texan one day...hint, hint, Brandon and Joy. Aunt Melissa can't babysit if you are 8 hrs away!

It sure is strange to see my bro with a daughter. I can't wait to see him wrapped around her precious little finger!

Brandon, Joy, and Claira

Carter meeting his baby cousin for the first time--he looks thrilled, doesn't he? He's not the youngest anymore!


Angela said...

She is beautiful and your brother and SIL look so thrilled!! She looks great for just having a baby :) Incredible!! Congrats on being an aunt again :)

Dawn said...

Awww.... so cute. Yay, for Brandon and Joy - and yay for all of you. Your Christmas and family trips are going to be such stinking fun! But man the graduation bills with them all so close in age. They might all get like $10.00 each. LOL - J/K

MelissaT said...

I know what you mean--Grammy (my mom) and I joke that she will have to start buying the little gifts and goodies that she likes to send the kids from time to time in bulk at Oriental Trading Company!

Aleta said...

I was looking at the catalog just yesterday -- good stuff!