Sunday, May 3, 2009

Smell the Roses!

I was teaching or should I say getting ready to show a video to my 5th period class on Friday (day after TAKS) when someone knocks at my door. Annoyed, I walked across the room to answer it. It was my husband which didn't surprise me. But he wouldn't come inside. In fact, he seemed to be hiding something, so I stepped outside, and he presented me with a HUGE bouquet of roses. I thought the colors (lavender and light green) were an odd choice, and I also wondered how much money he had spent since the bouquet was almost too large for me to carry. But I was still excited to receive them. Since it was not our anniversary or my birthday, I assumed this gift was part of the Love Dare Bible Study that we are participating in at church.

My students asked me to count the roses, and I lost track at 32. I couldn't remember which roses had been counted already! So when I got home, I began the task of finding a place for these flowers. As it turns out, there were 50. So what's a girl to do with 50 roses? Scroll on down and see!

Of course, I had to start with the kitchen table. This has kept me motivated to keep my kitchen clean this weekend. Pretty flowers look much prettier in a clean kitchen!

I try to keep fresh flowers in my red vase, and it's usually carnations because I'm cheap. But not this week!

I also spruced up my mantle with a few... (Wave "Hi" to me!)

Even the kids' bathroom got some love (placed out of reach,of course).

And since my Love Dare for the day was to clean our bathroom (we were supposed to do something out of the ordinary for our spouse, and yes, cleaning our bathroom is out of the ordinary for me--I always make Dee do it), I finished it off with the last of the roses.

So I later found out that a wedding had cancelled at the last minute--that explained the interesting color choice. The florist is the mother of one of the coaches, and she was selling the roses for a super deal. Dee figured he'd get me 50 roses since that's something truly out of the ordinary that we'd normally not have extra money to do. Way to go, Dee, thanks!!!

Who knows when I'll post again with the end of the school year coming. The AP Calculus exam is this Wednesday morning, so pray that my kids do well!


Kann said...

Beautiful! I c an only imagine what your house smells like!

Angela said...

Wow- they are gorgeous and I think you picked perfect spots for all 50 of them!! :)

Dawn said...

Very very cool. I really like the colors. Dee cleans the bathroom??? Wow for the flowers, and WOW for the bathroom. Goooo Dee!!

Rebecca said...

Wow way to go Dee. What a wonderful dilemma, what to do with 50 roses!

Becky said...

Those are BEEEE-AUTIFUL...what a terrific Friday afternoon surprise!

You know it's true love when the rose count reaches 50 AND he willingly cleans the bathrooms!

That's Amore in my book :)

Amanda said...

Wow - how fun! Beautiful flowers! Great job Dee!

Alisha Stewart said...

How beautiful! Don't you just love this "love dare" thing:)

Kristi said...

Wow!!! How fun is that? And I love how you spread them out all over the house-- that is awesome to be able to enjoy them all over the place! That's too cool of your hubster!
Hope Wednesday went wonderfully for you!