Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to a Terrific Two Year Old

Here is my sweet 7 lb 11 oz "preemie." You can read here about how he was born at 36.5 weeks.

I used to change his diaper on this ottoman.

Now he stands up and dances on it!

Here is is at age 1--notice the adorable "cankles."

And (drum roll) here is my big boy 2 year old!!!

Now to help everyone get to know a little bit more about Ty (and to help me remember when I'm old and gray), I present the ABCs of Ty! I'll mix in a few more pictures from today to mix it up.

Apples are best left out of reach because if Ty sees it, he takes a few bites and puts it back in the fruit bowl.
Baseball--'nuff said.
Cookie-lover. He even pretends to eat cookies in book illustrations.
Daddy can't deny Ty. He is definitely a miniature version of Dee (with the exception of the Tittle brown eyes).
Elmo, Elmo, Elmo--what is it about Elmo? Ty can't get enough!
Flirt...Watch out, ladies, because he knows how to turn on the charm! See...

Green beans don't stand a chance--he could eat these for B, L, and D.
Hugs--Ask for a bear hug, and he'll gladly oblige, complete with a growl and a laugh!
Indoors is NOT where he wants to be. He stands at the back door and begs to play outside (regardless of the weather).
Just adorable when he dances the moment he hears music.
Ky-Ky and Kay-Kay=his cousin Kylie and Aunt Kasey.
Ladder--he's a climber, and he did manage to climb halfway up a ladder in about 5 seconds.
Monkey--the first animal sound he learned how to make.

Neatness matters with him. He loves cleaning up and eating with utensils. He will throw a fit if he gets food on his clothes.
Oh, Toodles! He can quote good ole Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Pat, pat, pat, pat...his favorite part of his favorite show--Little Einsteins.
Quincy--the one Einstein he can't name yet.
Rah-Rah=Rocket on LE.
Sa-Sa=Sally on Cars. BTW, he really doesn't watch that much TV. But he does watch DVRed Playhouse Disney while I cook dinner, and he knows the Cars characters more from books than the movie.

Take Me Out To the Ball Game--he is getting pretty good at singing this one!
Unbelievably blessed--well, that's how I feel about being Mommy to Ty.
Valuable--every time he says "I wov you too."
Wondering if there are any trucks or trains nearby? Just bring Ty with you because he will inform you...repeatedly.
Xcellent little brother. Watch out, would-be boyfriends of Emily. You'll have to deal with Ty when he's all grown up!

YAY!!! He loves to clap after he accomplishes something. Anything.
Zoe--he loves saying her name when he reads a Sesame Street book.

Happy Birthday Ty-Man! I love you!!!


Dawn said...

Awwww... Happy birthday! Love his Easter Colors!! Such a big, big boy! Where does the time go - from cankles to catch!

Angela said...

What a little cutie!! Just want to eat him up! ;p too cute! Happy Birthday to the Ty-Man! Wow...time does fly!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday BIG boy!

You still have those squeezable, kissable newborn cheeks you were born with and I love them!

Enjoyed reading your ABC's list Melissa...I like letter M for monkey sounds and L for climbing a ladder...he is growing into a little monkey all on his own :)


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Ty!!! He's just the cutest 2 year old boy EVER!!! Loved the ABC's and the pics are just adorable. You capture your children so well. :)

Kristi said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Ty!! Such an adorable young man!