Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He did it!!!

It's time to document a milestone! Ty said a "complete sentence" today. I know it was a complete sentence because I have a minor in English! He did this totally on his own, out of his own head, without being prompted by us. In fact, everyone else was pretty much asleep. We were all snuggled up in our bed watching Playhouse Disney...well, Emily and Ty were watching while Dee and I caught a few extra zzzzzs. Ty decided, as he usually does, that he was bored and wanted to get out of bed. Sooooo he sat up, looked at his sister, said "Bye-Bye, Emma," and got off the bed. "Emma" is his pronunciation of "Emily."

It was pretty cool. I am really pleased and have been wondering when this would happen and what he would say. Emily's first sentence involved Elmo, so it's always interesting to see what they've got in their minds to say when they can finally put together a complete thought!!!

I am hoping to post some Christmas-related greeting before the big day, but in case I don't have time, Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Rebecca said...

Yeah for Ty!! And it involved his sister, aren't they sweet? Well most of the time anyway.