Monday, December 8, 2008

Adventures of the Trckas and the Hook Em Horns

Emily was in rare form after our last playoff game of the season (we lost). I wanted to write these stories down, so I won't forget what she said. We made a lot of great memories at the football game. Our game was only the 2nd high school game that has ever been played at UT, so it was a pretty neat experience in spite of the fact that we didn't win.

Story #1
We stopped at the Round Rock outlets on the way home from our playoff game at Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium (aka where the Longhorns play). This is an important fact for Story #3.
As we were getting in the car, Emily was not following my instructions for her to get in her car seat. So I pulled out the old “I’m afraid Santa is not going to be happy when he sees you not obeying your Mommy” routine.
She immediately got in her car seat, thought for a second, and said, “Mommy, he will be happy because I’m not being naughty. I’m being good for good mistakes.” If you don’t get it, think “he sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake…you better be good for goodness sake.” Then she added: “But Ty is being bad for bad mistakes.”

Story #2
As we drove home from Round Rock, Ty was happily playing with his Elmo cell phone when Emily decided she needed it. She asked me if she could play with his phone, and I told her yes but only when Ty is finished with it. Her reply “But Mommy, I need to call the principal because my calculus students are not obeying me, and they need to go to the office and get a spanking.”
I told her she would just have to wait until Ty was done, so she talked on a pretend phone for a while, and when Ty was done with his toy 15 minutes later, she made that report to the principal.

Story #3
She continued to talk on the Elmo phone all the way home. As we neared our house, I heard her saying “We’re on our way now. Okay? We’ll meet you in a little while. See you there. Okay. Bye.”
Then, she told me “Mommy, the Hook ‘em horns are waiting for us at our house.” Okay. Great. I wonder what she is picturing in her mind.
As soon as we got home and got out of the car, she hopped out, went to the front porch, and greeted her guests. She even held their hands and led them inside. The Hook ‘Em Horns were with her all night, and when we woke up on Sunday, they were still with us.
Dee and I cracked up because I asked her how many Hook ‘Em Horns were at our house, and she said 11. I know she just said “eleven” because it’s her favorite number, but it’s pretty funny that there are 11 players on the football field. On our way to church, I asked her if they were coming with us, and she said, “No, because their grandmother is in the hospital.” Random, I know. But it’s what she said.
Then, she whispered to me during the song service, “Mommy, the Hook ‘Em Horns are not here anymore. Sleeping Beauty is here now.” And Aurora stayed with us the rest of the day. Prince Phillip even showed up after her afternoon nap. Go figure.

I love my super-imaginative girl!

I know, I know, this post is useless without pictures. Do you really think I would get no pictures of my kiddos running around on the field that the Longhorns play on? Even if you're not a UT fan, you have to admit that it's pretty amazing for a 1 y/o and 3 y/o to get the chance to walk on the field. It's too bad we lost, but Emily and Ty sure had fun at the game.

Ty with Dee's parents. He sat on his Papa's lap for the majority of the football games this year.

Having fun watching football!

Coach 'em up!

So what would YOU do on a Big 12 football field if you were a 3 year old girlie girl? Why, dance, of course!

Most people never get a chance to take this picture!

It is kinda weird to see us all wearing maroon and running around taking pictures with Longhorns.

Ty would rather be free to run than stuck taking pictures with Daddy!

See--that's better.

Emily loved making shadows on the wall.

Then, one of the football players walked over to talk to his friends/family up in the stands. I love the look on her face--she is almost in awe of this huge football player.

It is so nice having my hubby home again. We finally got our Christmas lights up on Sunday. I didn't think we were ever going to get them done with Dee working late every day of the week. Pictures will be coming soon!!!


Rebecca said...

Those are great stories! I'm glad that you got them written down so that you wouldn't forget. I love the picture of Emily and the football player, priceless :)

Becky said...

Isn't it funny what comes out of their mouth sometimes....where do they come up with this stuff??? I sometimes think we get only HALF of what is running around up there :)

Looks like it was a fun afternoon for your sweet family...Ty looks like he'll be ready to take the field in a couple of years with his CHAMP shirt on and girls will be girls whether their in dance class or standing on the 50 yard line :) Your kiddos are so photogenic...lucky girl!


Aleta said...

I'm glad you wrote that down, because when you told me the stories, I didn't get that she'd said "for good mistakes" and "bad Mistakes." Too funny! But I have NO DOUBTS as to where she got that imagination!!