Friday, May 2, 2008

My New Toy

My sweet hubby bought me a new lens for my camera. As soon as he brought the mail in, I left my dinner unfinished, grabbed Emily, and we went to practice. I plan on shooting Ty this evening, and of course, I'll be practicing all weekend. Then, I will play around with my faves in Photoshop. So you may see some of these again after I get a chance to edit.

I am going to share the first one that I took because it's funny. I've never used a lens w/ a wide-open aperture before, so the shutter speed that I normally use at this time of day was NOT correct. Additionally, it was only my 2nd time to try to shoot with manual exposure. I will embarrass myself and show you the picture!

Yes, there actually is a bench in the midst of all of this light...

Now this is what I was attempting to photograph... least I learned something from the experience! I promise the rest are better and more interesting.

Warning: I am a camera-happy Mommy who is horrible at self-editing. Basically, there are a ton of pictures in this post, so get a drink and snack, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

I got her to agree to be photographed by promising to let her play on the playground nearby!

Here is Emily telling me about the movie Enchanted.

Below is Emily pretending to be Pocahontas--she came up with this all on her own. What you don't see photographed is me singing Can You Paint With All the Colors of the Wind--she insisted.

The next set are from our front yard. It was after 8:00 p.m., and I really got to see the greatness of my new lens. It worked beautifully in the low light--from now on I want to try to take all my kids pics at this time.

Grammy, this one is for you! Emily lay down in the grass and said, "Mommy, please take a picture of me sleeping in the grass because it will make Grammy feel better." So there ya go! I hope it worked :-)

I caught her playing with my froggies in the flower bed...

I just snapped this one real quick because she was looking at the camera for once. I think it turned out really cool!

Thanks for looking! Come back soon--maybe I'll post more this weekend.


Aleta said...

Tell Emily it did make Grammy feel better! Thanks, sweet Emily! Grammy loves you! And it looks like you're learning fast! Great pics.

Jennifer said...

First off, great pictures! Helps when you have a cute subject to work with! Maybe photography can be your next career! Secondly, it just struck me funny that you said you were planning on "shooting Ty" this evening. I know you mean photography, but for some reason, I pictured a gun in my head when I first read that. I know, stupid. :-)

Angela said...

Love them!!! Thanks for sharing...I need to learn how to use my new lens as well. I know practice makes perfect, but some pointers would be appreciated ;p Enjoy taking lots of photos!! I love the ones you sent so far. Looking forward to more!! You should put together a cute collage frame with some of Emily's photos!!

Kann said...

These are beautiful! You are doing an awesome job! Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Cute, cute, and cute. And I agree with the job thing. You want to stay home...and photography can pay very well. Keep practicing, get you some lights & screens - and a few weddings.

You might be a photographer instead of a teacher in a few years, and work from home!!! :-)