Monday, May 26, 2008

Look How Our Garden Grows!

Well, today, I have pictures of my babies...not my children but my babies. We have lots of yummy vegetables growing in our back yard. We thought we would lose some after getting golf ball sized hail a few weeks ago, but everything seems to have survived with the exception of our green beans. They may not make it. We have had so much squash this week that we have had to dump it on our neighbors already! One of our neighbors actually ate it before we did. Hopefully, we will soon have tomatoes and peppers, too (and maybe the green beans will bounce back). Here are some pictures I took of our squash!

We actually have had about 4x this amount of squash. This is what we haven't given away, eaten, or frozen. Next time, there will be pictures of my actual children!


Dawn said...

Yummy! After eating out constantly and eating in the hotel cooking in our tiny oven....home grown vegetables sound delish.

I can't wait to be out of this hotel. Picture giggling until midnight, and I writhing with a migraine in the bed across from them begging Jon to "quietly" get them to be quiet.

Get me out of here!!!! :-000

Kann said...

This is great!! It's so funny that your already picking your garden and we are just planting ours!!!

Collin and Christy said...

very cool, I wish we were neighbors so you'd have to share with us...and obviously for other reasons too! :)

Angela said...

Wow!! Those look delis...wish we were neighbors too for lots of reasons! Hope you are winding down the school year :)

Kristi said...