Monday, March 3, 2008


As I previously posted, Emily's birthday party was last Friday night (leap day). My mom left early to wait for the moon bounce rental people. After I finished the cakes, I headed to church gym to drop off Emily's cake on my way to pick her up from daycare. I walked in the door, focusing so much on not dropping the cake, that I saw a baby in the floor but didn't notice that it was baby Carter my NEPHEW!!! As I turned the corner and headed into the kitchen, Amy, Ben, Brandon, Joy, and Christy all came to greet me. They cooked up this surprise trip to Temple for Emily's party. I was soooo shocked--they got me good.

There are many details and cute photos for the weekend, but I just wanted to post briefly to thank them for coming. Thanks so much--it was a wonderful surprise. I know that it made Emily feel so special to have her aunts and uncles come all the way from Arkansas for her princess party.

I don't know if we really got a picture of the 3 of them together. So here's one of the boys and one of the girl (showing off her bracelet, of course).


Kann said...

What an awesome surprise for you and your family! Happy Belated 3rd!

Dawn said...

Oh, that's so cool! You have such an awesome family. I have to twist arms to get people here for my kids birthdays, and come to think of it, can't remember the last birthday they attended. Enjoy them; they are special!

Collin and Christy said...

Haha, tell him I said it's totally ok!