Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We have a DISEASE!!!

and it's NOT cancer!!! Dee finally found out a diagnosis on Monday. He has sarcoidosis. And it is responsible for all of the symptoms he has been experiencing. He had a biopsy of lymph nodes in his lungs on Monday. He was very nervous that it would be lymphoma because that was a possibility we were given. I was nervous it would be tuberculosis because that was another possibility we were given (I could just see them having to test the whole school and us being on the news like that guy that flew on an airplane). But it turned out to be the 3rd possibility we were given--sarcoidosis. In short, the symptoms are treatable w/ steroids, and the disease can go away on its own. It can also not go away and/or cause permanent lung damage. We just won't know until we see what happens, but we pray for the best outcome. The pulmonologist is waiting on cultures to make sure Dee is free from infection (steroids compromise the immune system), and he will begin treatment at the end of next week. Hopefully, that will make him feel much better.

We ask for prayers that Dee will have a successful treatment, that his doctor will be wise and make the best decisions. Also, we pray that he won't have permanent damage done. And we definitely are thankful that it did not turn out to be lymphoma.

I know I need to get on here and post pictures, but I am drowning in a sea of calculus tests right now. I just wanted to update anyone who reads this and has been wondering about Dee.


Dawn said...

Oh, my gosh! I'm so glad they finally found out what it was! I've been worried for both of you. Thank god it's not lymphoma. Well, maybe now you can both get some much needed peace of mind and rest. What a nightmare! YAY, good doctors!!

Braden is growing. In fact, he's OFF the charts in height - quite literally. They are just guessing he might be in 120% or more in height. Told me he's probably one of the tallest 21 mos olds in the U.S. He's as tall as a four year old!!! We are supposed to plump him up a bit since his weight is on the low side, and his head is only 25%...They called him a pinhead, when we were there! LOL. He's way too tall for pants in his waist size - guess I better learn to sew! Love ya'll.

Kann said...

I am so glad you finally have an answer! We will continue to pray for you

Marie said...

Yea! An answer. Been praying for you all and will continue to do so!