Saturday, September 29, 2007

I can't believe I cried...

over Meerkat Manor. To quote my husband, I "need to get a are crying over a small mammal that eats bugs and digs holes." But since he has football on Fridays, he isn't hooked on this "soap opera" like I am. So if you are not a fan, let me explain...Meerkat Manor is a show on Animal Planet which documents the day-to-day happenings of meerkats. The thing is, they name them, and the narrator gives them personalities. You end up loving them like they are your little pets. On Friday's episode, Flower, the dominant female and matriarch of the Whiskers clan of meerkats was killed trying to defend her pups from a cobra. I was really enjoying the episode, too, because she had adopted an abandoned pup from a rival gang. She spared little Axle's life and took him in to her family. She died doing what she did best, taking care of her babies. And yes I know I'm a total dork for posting this!

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Dawn said...

This show was on one day last week when I was folding laundry. I watched part of it between runs to the wash machine. It was cute!! I'll have to record it so the kids can see it!! You're too funny. I almost cried watching the video you posted. LOL. But that song can break anyone's heart! I'll miss my own baby's little "pitter patter feet" on the tile when it's gone. Love ya!