Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Through the Years

Hello, blog buddies! You know it's football season when Melissa abandons her blog. I've been on the computer literally all day working on pictures (which is a good problem to have), but I made myself work on some for myself after dinner. I decided to print pictures of the kids from Halloween every year, so I had fun looking at some old pictures.

This is Emily when she was a baby...Miss Bumblebee herself!

Around Halloween is when my old point and shoot digital camera started to die, so I got no pictures of Emily as Tinkerbell. But I did find a picture that my mom emailed me when Emily spent a week with her. My mom made this costume while Emily stayed at her house! One day, the thumb-sucking will be just a memory, but not quite yet...

There was a new addition the following year. We had a Gus-Gus to go with our Cinderella! And there was a new DSLR camera hence the improved image quality!

And my mom made these costumes, too!

Last year was lots of fun with Pebbles and Bamm Bamm. MIL made Ty's costume, and I put Emily's together with glue, felt, and an old shirt. year later...Halloween 2009...pat, pat, pat, pat, now raise your high as you can...and say...BLAST OFF!

The Little Einsteins (not Charlie Brown and a ballerina as many people thought). And it would be more obvious (at least to the Playhouse Disney watchers out there) if Ty weren't refusing to wear his glasses ;-) Here's one before he decided they weren't for him.

I bought Ty's shirt and shorts, and my mom sewed the orange stripe on. I spray painted some sunglasses frames green. Emily's leotard was a free hand-me-down from cousin Kylie, and my mom and I mod-podged her old ballet slippers with red satin! I had lots of fun putting together their costumes this year!


Kristi said...

Awww! Such a cute idea to look back on the years!
And I now have The Little Einsteins theme song in my head.
Climb Aboard....We're Ready to Explore!
They were adorable, Melissa!

Angela said...

Love it girl!! You did a fantastic job on the costumes- they were perfect! Especially love the glasses! Really enjoyed looking at all the Halloweens from the past :)Too cute!