Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meet the Flintstones

Well, our Halloween week is over, and boy, was it exhausting. Now, onto Thanksgiving! I want to warn you in advance that there are lots of pictures below because as usual, I could not narrow my choices.

Emily and Ty were Pebbles and Bamm Bamm for Halloween. I came up with this idea this summer when Ty's hair turned really blond and when we saw how much he likes to hit things with bats, sticks, and even magic wands. The problem would be convincing Emily that she didn't want to be Princess Aurora but Pebbles Flintstone (from a show she's never seen) instead. Well, after lots of youtube Flintstone cartoons, I finally got her excited about the prospect of dressing up like Pebbles. I think her costume turned out really cute. I decorated her shirt, and my MIL made the bone bow. MIL also made Ty's Bamm Bamm costume, but I do have to give myself credit for putting the elastic in!

Pay close attention to Emily's hand in the following photo...

For the first time in his life, he refused to carry his baseball bat. He insisted on bringing his sister's Leap Pad book instead. Don't worry, all is well, he is back to his old bat-toting self now. In fact, the threw a tantrum this morning when I didn't let him take his bat to church.

Since she was such a good sport with not being a princess for Halloween (she dresses up like a princess every day anyway), I let her carry a princess bucket for her goodies.

Don't you LOVE this? What a sweet moment. And yes, I know, Bamm Bamm is losing his strap. And yes, they are also barefoot. Hey, I'm a football widow, I need to simplify my life as much as possible. So if authentic caveman attire means no shoes, that works for me!

We attended a party with our class at church, and we took the kids trick-or-treating together. This is one of Emily's friends dressed as Dorothy. She's following the gray asphalt road...Hee Hee!

The next set of pictures was taken Wednesday night before/during Funival at church. This is before we left, and Emily was SOOOO excited about Funival.

My 2 sweeties. I'm really glad I thought to bring the wagon. Random trivia--a wagon does fit in the trunk of a Camry.

Emily racing another little boy up a climbing wall. And she won (she keeps reminding me).

Ty decorating cookies or should I say licking icing...

And our friend "Dorothy" was decorating cookies, too.

Emily was definitely concentrating on the perfect design.

And Ty was enjoying the fruit of his labor.

What's a Funival without cotton candy???

I sure enjoyed sharing our Halloween adventures; I hope you enjoyed looking. It was lots of fun this year with Ty being old enough to participate!

By the way, I will be a football widow for a few more weeks. We're definitely in the playoffs! Go Roos!


Amanda said...

CUTE pictures! I just looooved your kids' costumes - they were perfect! My favorite picture (besides the ones of Dorothy of course) is the one of them holding hands while walking down the street. So sweet!

Aleta said...

Loved the pictures! Looked like they had a great time, and they were awfully cute. The costumes turned out great!

Becky said...

Hey Flinstones!

Enjoyed spending Halloween night at the party with Pebbles and Bam Bam...favorite picture is the one of them walking and trick-or-treating together! They're little personalities shine's fun, "unperfect" (by that I mean looking directly at the camera and smiling exactly so), and ARTISTIC, those 3 things sum up my favorite type of picture. HUGS!!

Kristi said...

I cracked up at "the one with Emily's hand"...true sibling love, eh? Hilarious. Loved their costumes...they were adorable! Saw Tye tonight when I picked up Jonathan...I almost took him, too, with his adorable little eyes! Hope all is well. Let's go to some playoff game(s) together! We root for the roos over here! I'll drop you an email.

Amy said...

Aww.. the kids ook too cute! Wish we could've been there. You tell Emily that her Aunt Amy is proud of her for climbing fast! Maybe she'll be ready for a real rock wall next time y'all come visit! Love you!