Monday, August 4, 2008

Update on Dee, Emily says, and Fish

I need to document a few things, so I am going to interrupt my vacation posting for a moment. This has to be a record--I am doing 2 posts in less than an hour!

First of all, Dee saw the pulmonologist this morning, and he will be off of steroids in 3 months! He will be tapering down his dose for the remaining time. Then, in 6 months, they hope to have him off of his other medication. The steroids have caused some crazy things such as never-ending hunger and blood sugar craziness. Dee is extremely happy to be near the end of using them. Thanks to everyone who has prayed for Dee during this time. And thanks to God for answering those prayers!

Secondly, this is just a cute thing Emily said the other night. We were stopped at a traffic light, and a couple in a convertible pulled up next to us. Emily looked at the car for a few seconds and then she said "If they are going to the car wash, they need to put their lid on first." So true, so true. But I wonder what made her think of that.

Finally, I took the kids to the Waco zoo on Friday, and we were lingering in the aquarium because of the air conditioning. Ty was staring in wonder at the aquarium that took an entire wall. He looked, pointed, and said "fis" without being prompted. He has never said that word before, and he has never said a brand new word all by himself without us saying it first. He even said it again and made a fishy face with his mouth. Such a big boy!


Angela said...

Good news about Dee! That is wonderful! So cute about Ty saying fish :) love it!!! he is so big now- and so cute!

Dawn said...

I know Dee will be so glad to get rid of the hunger cravings!! It sucks to be hungry all of the time...tell him we're really happy for him and so glad he's doing better!!!

Love you,
P.S. Did I tell you Mr. Glenn (justin's dad) died this week? He had diabetes and had his third operation on his leg up to the thigh, and finally his organs shut down. Mrs. Carol now is a widow, and has lost a son. But I called her and she is doing okay. Make sure Dee takes good care of those feet!!!